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    Admittedly very annoying to automate in any meaningful way.

    I automated my HP + Normal Large Turbines roughly by doing the following:

    • Picking a the 'best' rotor that I could build. In my case, it was Tungstensteel Large since I had enough Tungstensteel. Your case might be different.
    • Computing the LHE output steam flow rate to match that. Note that you can overdrive or underdrive the 'Optimal Flow Rate' of the rotor by 25% and not pay a penalty.
    • Chipping the LHE to achieve that flow rate, making sure to stay within +/- 25% of the turbine Optimal Flow Rate.
    • Matching the lava or hot coolant input to (slightly) exceed the chipping minimum, again making sure to stay +/- 25% of the turbine rotor Optimal Flow Rate.

    The reason why I recommend starting at the rotor and working backwards is the rotor is usually the critical element that can't easily be upgraded/downgraded without significant infrastructure changes (improvements).

    Also note the De-assembler in and later can successfully return all/most/some of the used (worn) rotor parts. I'm using the 8192v version, and it is indeed 100% efficient, returning *all* rotor parts. I just have to re-assemble to get a brand-new rotor. This means really expensive, but really useful rotors are viable.

    I´m not sure, but couldn´t you just set the efficiency of advanced and the turbo steam turbine and the efficiency of the turbo diesel generator to 0? It would be practically removed, if you do so.

    Sure, and I'm pretty sure Minetweaker could remove the recipe entirely and hide it in NEI, but the point was to discuss how to strongly or softly enforce a power tiering. For example, It's a shame when I hear (read) about players that spam tree farms, then complain about the pack being dull or some power sources being useless or redundant.

    I have been there and done that and I have also done worlds where I change power sources many times. A changing world is a living world and is usually more fun :D

    I have really enjoyed the power progression in GT:U and look forward to the planned changes.

    I limited my pre-LHE steam to the Bronze and LV era, used Fuel in the MV era, steam-less Fission the HV era, LHE (steam) in the EV era, and am using Fusion in IV and beyond.

    I wouldn't mind a simple option in a config file to enforce this progression by, for example:

    • removing Advanced and Turbo Steam Turbine
    • removing Turbo Diesel Generator
    • prevent LV Transformer from up-transforming to MV
    • prevent MV Transformer from up-transforming to HV
    • prevent LV and MV Battery buffers from accepting lower-tier power

    This would make spamming Railcraft or GT Steam Boilers much less attractive. Tree farms for steam power would also be far less attractive as a long-term solution. As a bonus to prevent tree farm-powered Large Steam Turbines, one might restrict/limit the kind of steam accepted by the normal Large Turbine to the steam produced by the LHE only. But, that might going a bit too far for some.

    And, since not everyone would enjoy such a forced progression, a config option is probably best.

    On a related note: now that I know how much steam that makes I'll probably throttle lava consumption to 250 L/s and use a configuration 5 IC, take the 7.5% hit in efficiency, and use 20000 L/s turbines (there seem to be a lot of those and plumbing is easier with only one pair of turbines.

    AFAIK, there is not a Large Turbine in a single HP Steam or normal Steam Large Turbine that will handle a maxed-out LHE. If you're max'ing out your LHE and want to maintain a closed loop (i.e. lose no steam, lose no water), you will need to either:

    A) Use multiple (2x HP and 2x normal = 4x total) Large Turbines
    B) Throttle lava input into LHE
    C) Throttle LHE efficiency using chip
    D) Use a Huge Turbine wheel/blade in the HP Steam and the normal Steam Large Turbine

    I am among the laughers and yawners. :P In other words, I agree with you completely, sir.

    I'd love to build energy producers MV and higher, but I can't bring myself to self-nerf my energy production efficiency. I simply cluster LV producers around a transformer to get MV, and then cluster those clusters around another transformer to get HV.

    I can't really think of imbalance issues. The IC2 Steam Generator only accepting IC2 steam is fair, but IC2 steam is harder to get than Railcraft's.

    I agree, sir. In the real world, nuclear reactors make steam. I'd love to centralize our power around nuclear reactors making steam, and use that steam primarily for IC2/GT power. I'd also like to use it for MJ and RF power. As it is, we have to use non-GT, non-IC2 methods of generating steam to make RF and MJ power. Not ideal.

    I also don't see an imbalance issue with steam coming *from* IC2/GT and being fed *into* other mods like RC.

    To prevent RC steam being fed into IC2 Steam Generator, have it accept ic2.steam only, but have the nuclear reactor output either ic2.steam or generic steam.

    Edit : My comments are for the hot-coolant-to-steam convertor block, not the reactor proper.