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    Hi AtomicStryker

    Thanks :D its not hard to do a proper bug report but a majority seems not be able to do...

    I redownloaded 3.8b but my macerator still explodes with a never ending explosion. I use forge

    Edit: 1. Place the macerator on block away from the mfe and put a transformer upgrade into it
    2. connect the cable -> it works.
    3. Brake the macerator and the cable
    4. Place the macerator again, one block away from the mfe output -> it explodes with a never ending explosion (without any cable connection or contact to the mfe)


    I'm using your newst version for IC2 1.81

    I am trying to place an advanced macerator to an mfe and the macerator explodes. The explosion wont stopp unless i reenter the map.
    If i place an transformer upgrade into the macerator before connecting to the mfe and connect it the with some glasfiber cable it get a "Saving chunks" and following error massage: