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    Ok so how about making it possible to extract trace elements from differnt kinds of stone, Say there where 7 kinds of stone, red colored stone has traces of iron in it, white has tin in it, green has copper, etc. Also they could only spawn in at the correct depth like ic2 ores but at much greater quantities. rich deposits only occour in the propper biomes. rich deposites can be crushed and smelted. The color of the stone should not be obvious at a distance, I am thinking close to regular stone. Using the hammer to determine what kind of stone it is.

    Now the method of extracting these elements depends on what you use to process it, you can't smelt the stone into an nuget simply because there is not enough in it. So you have to disolve the stone using acids or other methods ie. in an amalgam of gold and mercury.

    using an acid to extract elements should avoid real life technical terms, so water mixed with sulfur and heated makes sulfic acid. A quick look around the web says an acid plus a metal makes a salt. So just call it "iron salt water" or something blatantly simple. So you mix lots of crushed rock into a tank bucket or test tube, Next you could extract the salt water and electrolize it to get metal dust.

    1. Certain stone has differnt trace elements
    2. Trace elements are tier based, "iron , tin and copper are 1, gold is 2, platinum is 3, chrome is 4 and iridium is 5"
    3. Extracting differnt elements take differnt methods
    4. The higher the tier the rarer and harder it is to isolate
    5. Expand prospecting tools
    6. Build ore lab "don't burn your fingers"

    Sorry but I could not finish this post in time

    I think that every one has forgoten that solar panels are an industrial "item" in the real world. They are not made from coal dust, They are made with silicone. I have seen some expirmental versions that use raspbarrys, But that would be weird for a mod.

    IC2 already has silicone in it, It should replace coal dust. It would be silly to leave the resipe as is.

    anyone else, if you leave a smug comment like its as good as it is, just cause. Then you are apathetic towards ic2 and you chould shut up and go play vanilla!!!

    I have to agree that it is inconvenient having to use a side for a power cable, It makes it so that I have to build another sorting machine. I remmber back in 1.5.2 gregtechs machines had a output side that could output items and power.

    How about an upgrade, So a machine conducts power to its neighbors?

    How about adding more information to the crop analyzer. Like light levels the plant will grow at ie. 5-10, prefered hydration, fertilization etc. Knowing who found it doesn't really matter to me. good stats are good, but not that great when your just after cross breeding them.

    Next how about when you right click with the analyzer on a crop, that has all ready been scaned before, it shows more data like "this plant growing", That likly sounds silly but if you don't have the light levels right, your just wasting your time. How about what plants grow at this light level? flowers = lots of light, mushrooms = darkness

    Next how about making luminators adjustable, so you can set there light level. What grow lab does not have lights. ;) lol weed is comman in game.

    Greg how about a ladle for carrying liquid metals to the molds. Then you could have more molds ready than just putting them on the sides of the crucible. When the metal in the ladel gets too cold, it just drops nuggets on the ground when you right click on the mold. Also instead of the heat climbing at the same rate no matter what the temperture you make it so that it slows as it gets hotter.

    The second thing is metals react with air very readily "Sodium" , "lithium" and tungsten when its hot. So how about some inert gases required for melting them.

    I really like this new crucible melting system but how about an industrial version, that can hold more liquid metal, A big multi-block machine?! The "arc furnace" reminds me of early massive eletric furnaces that used carbon electrodes to melt things. The "plama furnace" make me think of the plasma cutter I have outside, It just about cuts anything that is a metal so why couln't it melt just about anything? plasma cutter = mini light saber!

    The last thing is chromium !! holy crap. I can see it as electrical maybe but not for foundry equipment.

    I want to suggest that the solar panel recipe could use silicon and not coal dust. How about adding a recipe to the blast furnace to melt silicon dust into ingots or even plates. That would make more sense than trying to use a hammer.

    Next is why would you use a generator to make a solar panel? you could use a machine block instead, As far as I know solar panels dont store power, so why worry about re-batterys. It would like pulling out the battery out of your laptop just to store your gum in there.

    For an achievment, "Star power" or something equally like minecraft. diamond picks and such :)

    Greg I was wondering if you could add cables that could handle redstone signals, four or more signals. Kind of like your pipes, putting covers on the sides.
    Maybe even a machine to change the signals better than vanilla. Signals in --> chip in NOT state --> Signal is now inverted. If you could that would be awsome!