Electric Item Sorter improvements

  • 1) Please make the Electric Sorting Machine compatible with the pulling upgrade. This will allow pulling from non-IC2 machines. Currently the only way to do this that I know of is buildcraft pipes.

    2) Would it be technically possible to allow for more item filters on each side? More would be much better.

    3) I know it's called an electric item sorter, but some way to use it without having cabling connected to it would make it amazing (an advanced sorting machine, maybe?). I find an electric item sorter is the best way to evenly distribute work across multiple machines. However, in most cases i have an input, output, and cable, that leaves me with a max of 3 machines that I can distribute among. I can add an extra machine by coming up with a system where the input and output are the same side, but that gets really messy and ugly. Freeing up an extra side would make things much neater.

  • I have to agree that it is inconvenient having to use a side for a power cable, It makes it so that I have to build another sorting machine. I remmber back in 1.5.2 gregtechs machines had a output side that could output items and power.

    How about an upgrade, So a machine conducts power to its neighbors?

  • I actually really like that idea. SUPPORT.

    Just to clarify the problem, though, adding more sorters won't simply fix the problem. Let's say I have 3 macerators, and I set the filter for all of them to be Iron ore, copper ore, etc. This will cause the ore to be put into the first available machine. This creates for a very efficient distribution system. However, if 3 isn't enough, then adding another sorting machine won't help this distribution unless the side that leads to this sorting machine is guaranteed to be last. However, I just thought of another feature that would fix this problem:

    4) ability to order which sides are sorted first. If I could set this priority, then I could come up with a distribution system by chaining sorting machines.