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    I recovered normality without knowing how:
    - I realized that far objects (advanced miners) where not in pink
    - I created a cable to from my base to the miner, with the intention of knowing where is the limit of the issue.
    - I reloaded the game. And all were ok again.

    It could also be related with opening the LAN for a while

    If I may help in discovering what happens, just tell me how. Thanks for the great support and help!

    When I load the game being far from my base, it load correctly. I just need to go about 200 blocks away and reload the game and all look ok.
    If I reload the game staying in the base, it load pink/black again.

    Thanks, here is the info produced on a solar panel:

    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [mp client] block state: ic2:te[facing=down,material=field_151573_f,transparent=false,type=invalid]
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] name: ic2.te
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] cls: ic2.core.block.BlockTileEntity
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] te: null
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [sp server] block state: ic2:te[facing=north,material=field_151573_f,transparent=false,type=solar_generator]
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] name: ic2.te
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] cls: ic2.core.block.BlockTileEntity
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] te: ic2.core.block.generator.tileentity.TileEntitySolarGenerator@164c5516
    [20:36:23] [main/INFO]: [CHAT] [sp server] interfaces: ic2.core.IHasGui net.minecraft.inventory.ISidedInventory net.minecraft.util.ITickable ic2.core.gui.dynamic.IGuiConditionProvider net.minecraftforge.common.capabilities.ICapabilitySerializable

    No, I have cheating mode disabled. I seen that every time I re-start the game, it convert make the same issue again:
    - Enter the game
    - put a cable or whatever else (it shows correctly)
    - Exit the game
    - Enter again (it shows as a pink/black square)

    I have other worlds which works perfectly. It's only this one (my main one) which has the issue.

    Yes, sure, I tried it. Without success. (I mean it did not solved the issue, not that I was not able to restart the game)

    Here is the log:

    Here some screens:


    I am playing an offline survival world in minecraft+IC2 (1.12.2) since a few months an achieved quite a lot: about 2000 solar panels, mass fabricator, etc.

    Today, after entering the game I noticed that all the IC2 blocks where transformed to pink/black cubes. It seem that taking them with the wrench return me the correct item, thus the information does not seem lost. However, removing a placing back thousands of blocks could take time.

    Is there a reason why this happens?
    And more important: Is there any way to recover the IC2 block without dismounting all the machineries?

    Thanks for any help

    Best regards

    Hello to all :)

    There was a automatic farming system with crops/ harvester / analyser / Matron.

    Now, I do not found the crops anymore (seem the recipe is removed). Harvester/Matron exists but seem like they have no recipe (Using JIE it do not return any recipe).

    My final goal is to automatize farming of Rubber, which is my "working" bottle-neck.

    Using IC2 1.10.2 With Minecraft 1.10.


    "Well i readed the IC2Exp source because i was bored and wanted something to laugh about... Yes i am that mean..."

    Where is your source code so we may laugh about you? I have seen projects with 1000 perfect lines, and project of 20M lines with lot of problems.. still waiting the perfect 20M lines project. If you think you may do a better mod, please, go ahead ;)

    IMO, this mod is quite good considering the circumstances.

    You have a bug to report? go to the correct forum and do it, be kind, explain the problem deeply, show your tests, etc..

    Hello to all :)

    I seen there is a Chunk Loader machine in IC2, but the wiki do not contain any data for it (yet). Also, due to my Minecraft version ( 1.10), I did not found any Recipe-viewer mod available.

    I would like to know, a bit more about it:
    - It recipe?
    - Any useful data for its use?

    Kind regards,

    To remove confusion, yes, I speak about automatic-electric device, not improved craft-table.


    Reading the other topic, it seem that the negative opinion is just about "Other mods have it already". Well, just to say: What if you ONLY play with IC2 like me?

    Yes, adding too many mods make the game not being compensated, add a lot of issues, problem to upgrades, etc. And at the end, you found yourself with decisions like: "Spend 20 days creating iridium or use 1 wood plank to craft some cheap magic stuff with the same result".
    IC2 should be autonomous, not dependent on other mods. Personally, I spent days creating a 27*27 square of solar panels with a very complex machinery to refine all resources automatically in chests. I do not want a BC that does all that in 1/10 of time, with a totally over miner. I spent days creating tubes with sorter machines, buffers and ejectors, I do not want that done with BC tubes that magically move stuff through crystal pipes.

    So the issues is: Yes, it already exists out in other mods, but those mods also bring a negative impact.

    Minecraft 1.10 with IC2 2.6.35 ex110


    Sorry, all is fine.
    The position of those socket are a bit confusing, I (wrongly) interpreted them as part of the inventory that shows aside.
    Thanks for your help and interest.

    In the Electric sorting machine, the (i) information hover icon tell that upgrades are possibles, but I did not found space where to put them.
    It is a huge disadvantage to be required to bring different tier cables, just because the sorting machine do not accept tier upgrade.
    Is there a solution for that? Am I doing something wrong here?

    Note: using the last (now a day) version, pulled just a couple of week ago.

    Don't you feel to lost time crafting again and again the same copper cable, thousands of copper cables?

    The new improvement in technology is the automatic crafting table: Configure your recipe, input resources and energy and let it be!.

    Resources can already be extracted, refined and sorted automatically. There are a few recipes (like creating blocks out of ingots) that can be build automatically. But, a general crafting mechanism is missing.
    This is thus the missing steps to an automated industry.

    Suggestion of technical properties:

    - Energy and resources cost similar to basic machines: compressor, furnace, metal former, etc.
    - upgrades allowed to overclock, tier upgrade, ejector, etc..
    - The interface would have a 3x3 square, in which the user set which component in which position. Those same squares could act as buffer, showing with a little number stacked components (by default 0).
    - Component arriving to the machine will distribute in a equal way: e.g. for a basic machine case, if 8 iron plates arrive, they distribute 1 per square so the recipe can start to build.
    - The energy need to be equal or slightly higher than the compressor, to avoid this item to replace and reduce usability of the compressor.

    Attached, some preliminary design to give an idea.


    I am playing the 1.7.10 version of Minecraft with MCForce and IC2 (2.2.650)
    I just realized that the miner recipe does not work: I placed all items in the craft table like said in the wiki, but the recipe seem to be wrong.
    What is the correct recipe? is there any change to it or it is just a bug?

    Thanks you for your attention,