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    So, now direwolf20 had a mod spotlight for the 1.65 version of industrial craft 2. This means that in the next time there will be another wave of updates for mods (so i think for this mod then too or not?). There are also serveral changes to the batbox and other storage devices. Take a look who is intrested.

    I am waiting till Thaumcraft comes out for SMP. Then i can clone my diamonds with magic power ^^ Even it is it first time you have to spent resources to be able to make diamonds and in relying on this even using UU-Mater for making diamonds is cheating. so i don't care to much as long as i have tobuild something up for it. Have fun.

    By the way back to topic: Nice power-transmission system :thumbup:

    This plant is the mysterious "Trollweed". Yaeh, at the moment we know it as Ferrus or so but it could also be the gold version of this plant. For more information look at the first page of this thread.

    the picture was "Trollweed" and we got seeds from it. The Name of the real plant is ferru or so and stand by the detected plants (also i didn't reched teh last state of the plant yet -.-)

    Alblaka: The issue with the fertilizer (if it is a issue) is in SSP.

    It is normal that you need up to 12 fertilizer for one crop??? If yes i don't know how i should keep my plants alive because i have yet only for cross-breeding about 40 plants.

    Hmmm by me hasn't the plant be grown with an iron ore block under it (2 days waiting). Maybe i should test tin or copper... Or have i forgotten something?

    By the way i get it right that you have the plant on a dirt block and under that dirt block you put the iron ore or not?

    I tried to grow it in dark, one hole night and with wood gathered (a little house completly close) didn't work -.- The Metal dusts can't be placed an it (thought like fertilizer). Also an Iron block beneath it makes nothing.

    Forget seed chance. He only mean that the plant havent reached the final state and so the chance you got a seed bag is very low. So what we need is to find out the last crowing conditions ;)

    I got cocoa ^^ Now i am trying if it is maybe a plant which if effected by night (because at time i use NEI so that it is always day and to stop the rain sometimes :rolleyes: ). Maybe the plant only flowers at night who knows 8|

    I have a new plant and waiting for it to grow. It has an completly different stem and growing behavior in comparism to the flowers, melon/pumpkins/cocoa, wheat and reeds. And it is no weed. I think it is something like corn but who knows. If i can harvest it i try to make a screenshot from the plant and the analyzed seet bag. ^^

    So here is a picture:

    So far i didn't find out how todouble a plant. I mean when i get a seed bag which contains a plant with good stats then i want to have this plant not only grown on one crop. I want a whole field with this plant! But the seeds i get from this plant are standard seeds. So it seems to be the case that i need for every crop a seed bag and i must be lucky if i got enough good seed bags with the same behauviors or i am wrong?
    If somebody know how i multiply a good plant legaly i would be very thankfull.

    I think this problem should be easly solved through the nice redstonepowered water-generators which were posted today or yesterday in teh forum. Because you can use it deep underground and it brings a lot of EU/t. ^^
    So thx to the guy who posted this water-generator-system.

    I understand him when he want a upgraded version of the Quantum body armor because so far i will never use the body armor of the Quantum armor. Why? because you have to choose if you need the lapback (yes I need it a lot) or the jetpack (sometimes it is very usefull) or the Quantum armor (come on only for protection??? the i take one of the other two). So if you can make it at a mod were only one very expensive torso armor is in i would like to have it ^^