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    I have version 2.7.59-ex111 for 1.11.2 and the file doesn't seem to be working. Minecraft doesn't find it, anyways, and in the mod list ingame it shows "No mod information found/Ask your mod author to provide a file".

    As long you can live with a extremly limited Classic version which is not supportet anymore, have fun ^^. And your trouble is simply solved: Creative Mode helps for a swap.

    I'm running a semi-competitive survival server. My users are... prolific. I could not replace everything with the equivalents from your mod without WAY too much effort. I don't suppose you could release a modified version of Immibis' mod, using its mod ID, with on-tick behaviour to replace his blocks and items with yours? So that it could be installed in the place of his latest version, and whenever a block was loaded it would replace itself with the proper equivalent from your mod? That would make things a lot easier. Might be a bit of a hassle to make, though, just by volume of block classes if not by coding complexity.

    And swaping would cause not that much problems... You lose only the IC2 Blocks and Items but since every recipe is oredictionaried you can use other mod ores/ingots to work still after swaping stuff...

    Yeah, but that would mean losing all the infrastructure everyone on my server has been working on. Not to mention, I'm using an extensively customized ore distribution, which is set up for Immibis' version. Nothing against your version, it would just be a huge pain to swap over on an established server.

    You'll have to poke immbis on IRC or on the FTB forums to get a response quickly, he doesn't visit here all that much anymore.

    What IRC channel does he hang out on? I haven't used IRC in ages.

    Hey Immibis, (assuming you're still here in some capacity,)

    I've been having a great time with this mod on a server I run. I've been having slight problems with it, though. The client side keeps crashing when a user tries to open a machine's GUI, and it keeps throwing fairly generic Forge GUI errors. At the same time, though, the server throws this out:

    1. [Server thread/WARN] [IC2-Classic]: API ERROR: ic2classic.core.block.machine.tileentity.TileEntityMacerator@3b46b08e didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.

    Perhaps relatedly, energy storage machines being drained keep flipping between showing the correct values in their GUIs and showing negative version of those correct values.

    Just thought I'd give you a heads up. I'd love to see an update that addresses these issues, but I can keep using the current version for now. The crashes are just a pain in the ass!

    Keep it up, man. This is an awesome thing you're doing.

    Got this error on the server log just before a crash from right-clicking on a compressor. Not sure if it's related, but thought I'd post it just in case.

    1. [16:47:21] [Server thread/WARN] [IC2-Classic]: API ERROR: ic2classic.core.block.machine.tileentity.TileEntityCompressor@3762850a didn't implement demandsEnergy() properly, no energy from injectEnergy accepted although demandsEnergy() returned true.

    The energy levels in some things have been a bit wonky too, like the power levels in storage devices occasionally flashing to negative values. Might be related.

    I've been getting a lot of crashes when opening the GUIs for machines that use power. It keeps tracing back to the core gui class. Trying to get a stacktrace for you.
    EDIT: here ya go.

    I seem to have found a bug. Neither tin nor copper work in macerators for me at the moment. Couldn't say why. Additionally, though this is a more minor complaint, I can't seem to shift-click things into machines.

    Just thought I'd pop in to note these potential problems, and say that this mod is awesome.