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    What about the parts that aren't screen related like the thermometers?

    Everything is being ported. I just finished the basic theromometer, and I'll try to get everything else done as well.


    Did the Vanilla Kit have a recipe yet (2.4.0b)?
    I din't see any.

    That's an error on my part, I'll talk to xbony about a patch so you can get them.

    Here are some suggestions to exacerbate AE2 support:

    • Add ExtraCells support, so we can see the amount of bytes used on liquid drives. And probably add infromation about of amount of certain liquid in the ME system.
    • Add Thaumic Energistics support. Like previous point, but about essentia drives.
    • Add information about energy used by ME system (in EU/AE/RF)
    • Add information which is shown in ME network tool (the amount of machines, cables, etc in the ME system)

    I'm actually looking forward for first three, the fourth one is just an idea. :)

    Added to the To-Do list. Not sure if I can do the same hackery I did with the ME network stuff, but we'll see. Also I just finished merging the new stuff into the main branch of NC2. A release should be coming anytime now!

    I just want to confirm my suspicion, is this in a pack with an RF mod like BuildCraft, Thermal Expansion or EnderIO?

    Just wanted to introduce myself around here, I'm dmf444 the guy who does the integration stuff with other mods. I've been working hard to keep up with the 5x5 reactors, and hope to continue with other mod integration. So yea. If anyone has any questions for me, I'm here every so often.