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    You can always use NEI or CraftGuide to check recipes. Additionally all IC2 crafting recipes are in assets/ic2/config inside the jar:

    IC2:blockMachine3@5 = "UBU|UMU|UCU" M:IC2:blockMachine U:IC2:upgradeModule@3 B:OreDict:circuitBasic C:minecraft:chest@*

    IC2:upgradeModule@3 is the ejector upgrade

    The configuration advice is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!

    Hello Everyone,

    I am looking for the crafting recipe to build Electric Sorting Machines. Searching on Google, in these forums, and on the wiki has turned up no results.

    Would one of you mind providing the Electric Sorting Machine crafting recipe or directing me to a documentation page with it?

    -Thanks in advance,

    Edit: IC2 mod file is ic2nc-1.7.10-