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    Such an aggresive answers to an ordinary working man's problem... come on. ;)

    You are probably running 64-bit OS. Be sure to have the 32-bit java installed too, since your browser can make use only out of 32-bit one.

    If you don't know what I am talking about type in the cmd


    java -version

    and it will tell you what is that you are actually using. If it says 64, go and dl 32 just in case.

    Well, there is:

    • BC 2.2.6 Client and Server but only for MC 1.00
    • BC 2.2.7 Client and Server but only for MC 1.00
    • BC 3.0.0 Client only, for MC 1.8.1
    • BC 3.0.1 Client only, for MC 1.8.1 only
    • BC 3.0.2 Client only, for MC 1.00 only
    • BC 3.0.3 Client only, for MC 1.00 only

    So out of those 6 versions, 4 are for MC 1.00 and thus excluded since IC² is still 1.8.1.
    And BC 3.0.0 and 3.0.1 is excluded because it is only client (SSP) and is further more, incompatible with ALL BC<>IC crossover mods (Converting EU into MJ) which is quite important if you want to make good BC based CASUC designs.

    So in other words, for SMP we will have to wait for IC² to get into MC 1.00 and that is still relying on that BC actually works when converting worlds from SSP to SMP.

    Returns the same conclusion :S

    Now I am trying to achieve something with SMP starting from 0, imagine that machine block is not showing in TMI...

    ed. actually it does, but lapotron crystals etc still have to be made

    I don't have a pumping setup. You will see in the video when it's processed.
    What you see in the pipes is correct behavior. The flow rate is 1.6 buckets per second even though the pipe isn't filled to the top. The only time a pipe will fill to the top is when there is a backlog.

    This is just what I needed :D So more pumps.

    And yeah I remember you mentioning something about not using waterproof pipes.

    It looks a lot tidier than my setup xD And you are just using RP isntead of BC which leaves number of mods involved the same as mine, so I like it. And I guess, politicaly your reactor might have a longer future, because of BC leaving Forge. Or did I mess something up? Sorry, I am not up to date with issues between modders.

    Why 12 EU/t for obsidian pipe? Is this the smallest value with it working properly?

    Hmm... those yellowish things I guess they are 'tubes' are supposedly less leaky than BC's alternative and I think I can see all buckets shot in the same direction. But I just couldn't live with RP, it adds so much unwanted stuff which already is developed by IC or BC. Some new ores, bluetricity, machines or whatever more to this there is.


    Aaaaah. there is BC too. I'll watch that again, since I seem to have missed some stuff -_-

    Energy-free pumping seems a little bit OP according to BC standards, but still leaves it a nice design.

    You don't need HV-transformer after MFSU in voltage splitting tower. But it's just me, trying to pay legitely for everything acquired via TooManyItems.

    another edit:
    I also like the way you calculate it down to a single EU/t. I immediately applied more economical version of your voltage splitter in my design.

    And i am on CET so cool.
    I haven't set up a server yet, will do after we are done with BF3. I can do whatever you need with the server once i start setting it up. Or if you host one or have one where we can meet up that has the required mods.
    87% of the vid is rendered now. Also check my edit on my previous post.

    What I am trying to say is that I have a server which has mods installed and which can load a map and even allow us to login, BUT it is not working corrently. You can't develop anything on it. I have no clue why this is so. Therefore, we can't use my .jar.

    The pumps... I am interested in time frame. From your cpp-like description it looks like if the pump could extract infinite amount of liquid units in time. My problem is that gold pipes attached to a pump just don't fill up completely while bucket-fillers are operational. And at the same time there is more power available for the pumps, but they prefer not to use it :pinch: I'd like to see your pumping setup for sure.

    I am in UTC+0 time.

    I think I don't have this issue without HD, but on the other hand we have designed the map to look aesthetically pleasing under this specific texture pack. Otherwise it's just VERY ugly, so I prefer the fog. I am not going to surface nearly at all anyway.

    EDIT: So are you using bukkit? And since your server is working it would be nice of you to share with it since you run the same mods ^^


    I thought you were talking about a box on top of wiring. That is indeed a MFSU.

    Thanks for the video. Though I would hate to bring everything down AGAIN to make space for one iron cable and 4 MFSUs. I see.. 32 EU/t from batbox is more than enough for wooden pipe. Well, that's not very surprising since moving items out of chest shouldn't cost you much. It's just us who got used to pain of designing desynchronisers and stuff like that. Also, I don't think you need redstone signal on converter, mine are working just fine without them.

    So what I intend on doing is placing one or two converters by obsidian pipes powered by the very same wire currently powering the wooden pipe. I think I got just enough space for that.

    Also do you happen to know how exactly BC pumps are working? Is there any cap on water extraction? Since they draw hardly a fraction of 32 EU/t supply, while not being able to provide enough coolant. I would prefer to avoid designing dedicated pump for each bucket filler.

    Well, i will re-read those designs you posted to figure out how to make 8 flow with just redstone engines or i will just figure something out.
    Time to get crackin'

    I never claimed I used just redstone engines to power everything. Wooden pipe is powered by the reactor itself just like pumps are in fact.

    Sure, we could design via SMP. TeamViewer won't work since I got some issues with java or MC itself. What I mean is for some reason I run 1.8.1 with extremely low fps. And fps just triples when I turn F3 on. It's not just my case I know many other people who experienced this and I even had a discussion on Support forum a while ago, which solved pretty much nothing. I'm just running overfogged OptiFined client with F3 always on. However I can assure you my computer is (SHOULD BE) more than enough to run any 512 (I had to downgrade to 128 ) texture pack with any mods on Minecraft.

    All mods i listed are SMP compatible. However, again, something is wrong and while trying to load my world on SMP BC pipes seem to go invisible and giant (chunk-sized) areas of stone are being generated underground right inside my base while server is still online (seriously). I just tried it by modifying .jar in the way each mod requires it to be done. Maybe it requires bukkit or something like that to work properly.

    Anyway, if you have working .jar for server I welcome your proposal.

    Well, if a forcefully split the EU into 1 EU sized packets (can do that with cable junctions you know), would it still suck a bucket out through the extraction pipe? And does it do this on every tick or is it once every 0.x seconds? Mind posting a link to the addon you are using? Since you don't know what a regulator pipe is i am assuming it's an addon i haven't seen yet.

    Firstly I wanted to thank you for this chamber proximity issue, because I totaly forgot about it. And now while piping around my reactor grew more complex I had to bring half of it down due to crazy compression to adress this problem. It looks slightly different now, but works better.

    I am not using any bizzare mod/addon to make my reactor OP. On the opposite I resigned from RP. Overall I am running exactly the same mods (only no RP) as Irontygre does in his design (thread) which are: IC, BC, Zeldo's AP and Power Crystal's Power Converters to get rid of hundreds of redstone engines. So basically usual CASUC mods I guess. Hundreds of redstone engines are exactly this: thread. DrKsax's design is very good, but can your machine run it?
    How can you possibly split a current down to 1 EU/t? I don't see it possible. It won't just split in half every junction. Current in IC2 goes the way it wants to. Charging everything at the end of the cable but at different rate and sometimes different order.

    No i never saw the fibre cables attached DIRECTLY to the reactor core and that's why i was concerned. You see, if your reactor produces 1800 packets then anything that doesn't handle that large packets (HV transformers, Matter Generators and Terraformers) would explode.
    But i recently came across some oddities with MFSU where they seem to allow larger than 512 EU packets to enter them. Or maybe it's that i just assumed the reactor is outputting a >512 EU/s packet when it infact outputs several 512 EU packets between each reactor tick?

    And now to the more interesting subject. How can you get a 8 BPS flow (in both ways) using just one side of the reactor? One redstone engine will only pull one bucket per second and thus you would need 8 redstone engines around a wooden extraction pipe to pull 8 buckets from the reactor per second. (Not counting the resyncing and the fact redstone engines never cycle exactly once per second)
    Am i missing something vitally important here? I see on page one that you have 2x3 redstone engines on opposite sides? Is that on opposite sides of the wooden pipe? Are you saying that if you chain redstone engines they tick the wooden pipe?
    If that is the case then i need to read up on the BC source once more...

    Fibres are not connected to chambers. They begin at HV-transformer, which you can see at this screenshot. But weird thing: while doing measurements with reactor somewhat partly full I measured 0 EU/t on 3 out of 4 cables and 650 EU/t on 4th cable. Nothing seemed to be currently exploding or melting, but I wonder how it'll work after being updated. I made my reactor to stand the doubled output change as well as bucket cooling nerf, but current just seems not willing to split in 4 cables while it can go via only one.

    2x3 redstone engines indeed was my starting point inspired by Irontygre's design. But now as you can see I went slightly other way of development as I am running 5 chambers. Chained redstone engines should work from what I have seen (watch out for explosions), but I solved it differently. In theory I have infinite bucket extraction rate subject to complexity. I am currently having problems with bucket supply to the reactor and cooling system heat-up phase. Since reactor is offline during it buckets have to be picked up by obsidian pipes, which can't keep up with this crazy rate of flow. I am now trying to place multiple obsidian pipes in active drop area. If I won't succeed the reactor basically cannot be shut down. I gradually add more fuel cells as cooling system engines go from blue to red, which takes a hell of a lot of time.
    Anyways, back to the topic. Frankly, I don't know how I should illustrate the way I achieved 8-flow, as I understand this is what you would like to know. However I plan on publishing my reactor, so hopefuly soon I'll provide a way for you to download it and see for yourself.
    Obviously this happens provided that Alblaka doesn't kill whole CASUC engineering in some update till I finish.

    If you have any ideas on how to pick up leaks from one block (all 100% buckets are ejected upwards - before I thought this would be a blessing - now I know it's a curse). One obsidian pipe can only pick up 1 bucket per tick and I need it to do 8. I am not going to install a separate desynchroniser for obsidian pipes lol.

    I actually prefer the idea of a total reactor overhaul.

    The 'core' chamber for the fuel, a series of blocks that form a thermal conductance loop; a steam generator and a 'cooling' block of somekind (which 'pumps' heat from one side to the other). Steam-power would be the 'pressure' differential in heat from hot side to cold side of a component. Insert that other proposal's different steam generator rankings here.

    Actually why not just use 'machine blocks' as the conductance line?

    Yeah. Why don't we just go back to one-block reactor-uranium-refining thing. You just placed it and enjoyed your energy afterwards. Let everyone have exactly the same thing in their basements.

    EDIT: (^SARCASM - this is not my opinion, stop pms)

    I'll probably disable bucket/ice cooling entirely and replace it with a proper addition-block of some sort. Eventually something you can use instead of a chamber, not providing coloumns, but large amounts of cooling.


    Please don't. That would kill a whole science branch inside the IC2. There would be no great challenge to accomplish if anyone could just link couple of blocks together and run it efficiently.

    But i am talking about the engines that are needed to power the wooden transport pipe next to the reactor. Is it possible to use converters to power a wooden pipe without any engines and can they be placed next to the reactor without them exploding?
    Is there any other way to power that wooden pipe using said converters and regulator pipes? Otherwise i will have to rely on redstone engines because those are the only ones that can be re-synced and reach the 1 cycle per second required for a 4 BPS CASUC but as we already know, redstone engines will never be truly 1 rev per second over a period of time and this worries me, since there's 1920 heat generated and only 2000 drawn per second in a 5 chamber with 4 buckets and the rest being u-cells. A single miss will bring the core up to 8000 heat and if a single miss happens then it's safe to assume another will follow until the engines are re-synced. If you resync too often the engines slow down, if you don't resync enough (once every 6 seconds according to my calcs) then your reactor will blow up. And anything between that can cause components melting around the reactorwhich is pretty severe in itself.

    EDIT: Oh and btw, is that an MFSU i see sitting on top of your reactor? IF that is the only energy accepting path from the reactor then that MFSU will explode once your reactor outputs more than 512 EU/t.

    I see now what you mean. But you didn't think of all possibilities, because there is a way you can attach an engine to the pipe without it touching the reactor.

    side view:


    # reactor piece
    > your engine
    - | pipes

    You were asking if the addon I am using provides such converters. Yes, it does and you can attach them to wooden extracting pipe. The problem is they are consuming 100% of power you apply to them. Always. Even when doing nothing. You apply 1000 EU, it consumes 1000 EU. Now, while talking about it I realised in my design there might be something power consuming attached directly to chamber... didn't realise that issue before, I wonder how severly was it affecting me.

    Regulator pipes? What are regulator pipes? I am not using them.

    Yes, this is MFSU up there, but it had no reason to explode so far and I don't expect it to do so ;) since 1800 EU/t (old 900) is distributed on 4 fibre cables as you can see on the picture.


    Thanks, these 'sucking-area' diagrams sure will be helpful.

    I am not planning on including RP or EE or anything like that into my design. I went so far without it and I can as well complete it without depending on additional unnecessary mods. I would like to see somebody using CASUC who's not dedicated to making them himself. Cutting lag, size and mods involved would be best measures to enable ease of use for normal IC/BC-crafter.

    To answer your question... just don't apply direct reactor output to your converters. Firstly use voltage transformers down to the level you need for your engines. I uploaded a screenshot where I marked my 512-to-32 conversion setup. Pure IC2 stuff. Does it solve your problem?


    EDIT: In case you can't see at poor quality image, these are: MV-transformer->LV-transformer->Batbox. Remember to use wrench to point outlets and inlets in correct way.

    4 buckets/s in 4 slots on the reactor is enough to cool the remaining slots full of uranium cells. Heat generated by a full 5 chamber minus the 4 slots for buckets is 1,920 and 4 buckets is 2,000 cooling at > 4,000 heat in hull. That gives you a max of 6,000 heat. But it IS VERY important that you do not miss a single beat in the reactor at those figures or it will go pop in 6 seconds...

    EDIT: Oh and i hit a snag with my electric engines design... They feed off the power the reactor makes and goes pop due to overvoltage. Lucky me a had a security system set up to stop the reactor but i did press the PANIC button several times as well. ;)

    So now it's back to the drawing board and try to make something happen with that other addon instead or use the unreliable redstone engines or bulky stone engines... Since combustion engines cannot be stopped and started as easily (in the future release of BC)

    So 4 it is. My outlet in reactor is perfect, it's hard to notice a bucket in 'empty state' there. Now there are problems with inlet system though (see below).

    Bucket leaks fixed. Imagine that they can actually get ejected upwards. How isn't that weird. It took 5 obsidian pipe branches to contain it.

    And now I can run 32-cell reaction non-stop and this requires literaly nothing - no external power supply, fuel, ice, buckets. Nothing. About 40+ cell reaction... I kept up one based on 40 for circa 120 seconds in 5k-6k heat range and then it decided to shot over 10k, so I terminated it :S It looks like if there was some problem with pumps. I have 4 of them powered by the reactor itself. They seemed to be unable to provide enough coolant for 8 bucket-fillers. I could increase power supply to them, but would it be worth it...? What if power gain from additional cells is less than increase in pumps' power consumption...

    EDIT: And since they are buffing reactors (which is good :D ) now I have to bring down all piping around HV-transformer for it to be able to accomodate 4 fibre cables to transmit voltages around 1800 EU/t. Eh...

    Oh, I assumed you were using Power Converters addon. I think it's more popular and it is in Irontygre's design on which I based my own. This addon has slightly different approach to this basic aspect: it has 3 different BC->IC power converters (low, medium, high voltage ones) and the addon you are using has 3 (or more, doesn't matter) electric engines, so IC->BC converters. Aside from that I guess each of the addons we are using has converters in both ways. Looks like authors' opinion varies about which mod is more important ;)

    @everyone else
    I think I did it.
    5 chamber CASUC with 8 buckets-per-redstone-engine-tick flow with no RP involved. When I'll have time I will conduct some longer testing for bucket leaks and flow inefficiences. When finished, I guess you could call it the ultimate reactor :D
    I didn't calculate it, but 8 might not be enough to cool down this monster, but I already have an idea on how to relatively easily upgrade it to 10 bpret (bpret - sounds nice, doesn't it?).

    If you're talking about vanilla repeaters then no, they don't get stuck. Timers and sequencers are far better then vanilla circuits in lots of ways :)

    There supposedly are some issues with redpower 2 and servers where things will stop working (but I'm not sure exactly which things get broken, might just be machines).

    As far as loading schematics, I'm pretty sure they work as long as the circuitry isn't active (rapidly changing state) when the schematic is taken. [Though I could be wrong on this, and I'm not sure how it works with sequencers, I'm not a big fan of MCEdit so I try to use it as little as possible.]

    Too many unknowns in this stuff. I don't feel like experimenting with compatibility, it is something completely different than experimenting with design.

    I have a power converter addon due to necessity of not having redstone engine towers, so I might as well use those electric engines and this truly sounds promising. How do they present themselves? How frequently are they ticking? Do they sync or something like that?

    Detection element sounds nice on its own in some other situation, but it has no application in CASUC since it defeats 2 major objectives. It would be truly huge without RP, also very frequent negative ticks from detector unit will just cool the engines down completely (this is the issue I had, see OP) or if you create some circuitry to adjust the desynchronisation to be appropriate it would be even bigger due to flip flops on every (!) detector unit and even more bigger because of need to make negative pulses shorter and redirect buckets to different detectors. I don't have an idea how would I even start doing this, but I could reasonably expect my design to triple its volume (= useless).
    Combustion engines require additional piping from water pumps and fuel supply, which kind of defeats the simplicity aspects (uranium cell -> energy). Also, you are probably overpaying a lot for bucket extraction since combustion engines extract stacks of items and you cannot extract stack of buckets, so fuel consumption is inadequate to its purpose.

    I'm not sure if reloading can sync them up, but I know the last time I played with a BC reactor, I had 6 redstone engines connected to 2 separate advanced wooden pipes and was only getting 2 buckets / sec (cos they all synced up). but then upon reloading one of the engines on one side got slightly out of sync so one side would pull 1 bucket / sec and the other bucket would pull 2 buckets / sec. It's stayed that way ever since though... [and obviously by sec I mean "however often redstone engines preform work when they're fluctuating between orange/red"]

    I think the BC engines are too finicky to run without some sort of desync circuit.

    I perfectly agree with you.

    Do you people know detailed mechanics of RP integrated circuits (sequencers, etc.), are they like repeaters - subjects to getting 'stuck' after reloging? And how do you expect your reactors to get implemented by random mortal if RP is not pasted properly by world editing software (or is it already?).

    Actually, having all engines hooked up to the same pulse generator would work just as well as having 3 delayed signals. You would just need to place them in different order. First - circuitry being online and then engines. Since it isn't possible for you to place all 3 engines during one tick (can you click that fast? xD ), they are going to be innitialy desynchronised and pulse should prevent them from going into flashy red mode when they all synchronise. The question is whether reloging will force engines into synchronisation in such setup and it probably will. Therefore this cannot be realisticly applied, so your exact answers are likely to be optimal solutions. And this is what I meant in my question.

    A person who showed me chained engines didn't obviously do that on reactor, since reactors used to be just uranium-refining boxes before. He no longer runs technological mods but I should be able to recover the world.

    About bucket leaks, they should be prevented without use of obsidian pipes, since they add many additional pipe-branches, need to be powered and take much space. More flexible and bucket efficient solution would be to install loops or bouncers or any other item flow containing units. Have you tried that Irontygre? A loop taking 2 more blocks than straight pipe patched leak by the inlet of bucket filler pretty well.