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    Do you need one per reactor chamber?
    Could you make one, that monitors the heat of all the chambers at once or the general heat level?

    You only need 1 Thermal Monitor, but it can only monitor 1 temperature. So for example to cut off at 9k heat you just need 1. If you want to have various actions at different heat levels you need more monitors.
    There is only 1 important temperature, and that's the reactor chamber temperature. its max temperature is the sum of all chambers + hull platings.

    After coming home to the n'th crater in a spot where used to stand a 6 chamber nuclear reactor i decided enough was enough. Having spent obscene amounts of time playing with IC2 lately about the only thing i found lacking was a good control system to keep those reactors in check. I've put together a quick addon that allows you to monitor the temperature of the reactor chambers and send out redstone signals based on specific heat levels. Not only does this give you an excellent failsafe but it also allows you to finally visualize the heat level of the reactor.

    One reactor can be surrounded by many temperature monitoring blocks, ofc at the expense of available outside water coolant spots. Each block can be set to a specific heat level at which to trigger its redstone signal. Using RP2's wire bundles this allows for a great compact high tech looking system. The easiest implementation would be to have only 1 monitoring block and looping its redstone signal back into the reactor chamber to provide an instant cut off and to keep the heat level constant.

    Of course way more interesting solutions could be implemented, for example connecting the cable bundle to computercraft and automatically increment ice production based on different heat levels, or raising IC2's forcefield just before the reactor goes suborbital.

    My plan is to release this addon as SMP from the start, since this is where i need it myself the most ;)

    Any feedback and/or ideas are as always appreciated.


    Client (v1.0.2) for MC v1.1 :
    Server (v1.0.2) for MC v1.1 :

    Client (v1.0.1) for MC v1.1 :
    Server (v1.0.1) for MC v1.1 :

    CHANGELOG (v1.0.2)
    - Fixed issue with vanilla redstone getting powered out of nowhere
    - Updated graphics to match IC2 more closely



    The simplest of setups featuring only 1 Thermal Monitor. Its signal is fed straight back into the reactor chamber, thus providing an instant cutoff.

    This setup features 8 individual Thermal Monitors. Each block is setup to fire at a different core temperature.


    Actually in the first Tunnel video it just carves out a 5x5 section and replaces the walls with bricks. However in the glass tunnel video it does eject a concrete block and carves it out. This is because of how water works in MC. You need to specifically replace it with a block and then delete it, that's the only way to get dry :)

    It looks even more awesome than before - nice to finally get a look at the drill head and how that goes together.

    My only complaint - as far as I can tell, there's no way to see where you're going from inside the machine (naturally, the drill head must occupy the entire front diameter of the vehicle). I'm hoping someone can come up with a suggestion for a way around that. Otherwise, it will only be a matter of time before someone drives their expensive TBM into lava...

    Yeah this is definitely one of the harder things, knowing where you are going. Of course the easiest fix would be a built in radar that scans in front of the drillheads. Was also thinking of some sort of CCTV support making it kind of like avatar where he kicks the sh*t out of the camera mount ;)

    Awesome!This way we could have an eye on how many blocks that really is connected!

    How about remotecontroll? How is your FPS for a really large TBM? SMP?

    I'll definitely add remote control support in a later version because while testing i often got lost inside a mountain having to break open my vehicle to get out :)

    SMP support wont be on the first release however everything is designed to be easily SMP enabled.

    FPS i'll need to check, on the demo videos you can see it runs smooth but that's for a 200+ blocks design. I suppose i should test it with a 1000+ multi story beast.

    From what I have seen of this idea, I consider it very well done considering it looks it requires Iron Blocks to build plus whatever else is needed for the components.

    I was thinking, would it be possible to hook a set of Obsidian pipes to this thing to vacuum up the mined blocks and place them into an on-board storage container?

    What we could do is have a TBM Ejecter module (basically the exhaust for mined items) and allow the placement of a Cargo module right against it, this would store it automatically.
    Pipes might be possible but very hard to be on the vehicle while it's moving. It should be possible to lay them behind the machine though and still push items through it.

    I REALLY want to play with this! Where does this thing get the rails/stone brick tubing that is is leaving behind?

    The way i've currently implemented it is as follows, there's a new block type called TBM Cargo which is basically a chest/container. You can place many of those on your vehicle.
    When you open a TBM Filler (or tracklayer) module it will show you the contents from ALL Cargo modules uniquely stacked. From there you can select which specific block or item you wish
    to place and the interval at which to do so.

    Just wanted to share a screenshot of the working interface for the TBM Controller. Engine requirement will be based on the size of your total machine. It would still run with less engines, just a lot slower. Also a fuel system is implemented and the mechanics behind it are done through the modloader config, so it'll be easy to tweak it and use different fuel sources.

    I'm working on a TBM (Tunnel Boring Machine) mod for minecraft which i want to base on IC2. It consists of a very flexible system of interchangable modules that allow you to create some pretty whacky tunneling machines.

    So far the mod consists of the following special modules :
    - TBM Drillhead which does the drilling
    - TBM Filler which outputs material in the direction you placed the block (like walls)
    - TBM Engine which powers the thing and provides pretty gfx
    - TBM Ejecters which output anything mined by the drillhead
    - TBM Platform which serves as a metal grate base for the machine
    - TBM TrackLayer which outputs a rail track behind or below the machine

    Anything made of glass or iron blocks that is connected to the machine will be carried along.

    Right now i'm still waiting for IC2 to be 1.0.0 compatible before i start the process on integrating my mod. However i'd like to hear some ideas for features regarding cabling and power consumption. My idea was to automatically create a cable while the machine is moving forward, effectively keeping itself connected to the grid. Also have an option to automatically put down a light fixture every x blocks.

    1500+ Block TBM FPS Test :
    TBM Boat Laying Glass Tunnel :
    TBM in action :
    Making of the TBM :

    Proposed tech tree, feel free to comment on it:
    (The idea is still to use IC2 tech but not before 1.0.0 support is out)

    TBM Drillhead

    TBM Controller

    TBM Engine

    TBM Cargo

    TBM Ejecter

    TBM Filler

    TBM Platform

    Any input is greatly valued!