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    Do you know what effect that has on SMP? I will give it a try when I get everything updated. Dropbox was being a jerk today for me. I remember having a issue like this with another mod before but in SMP it really screwed up a lot you had to close the client for reconnects.

    Also thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

    The ID conflict thing? I don't know. In singleplayer I got a warning, asking me if I was sure I wanted to load the world cus there was an ID conflict.
    First I thought I messed up the config or something so I pressed no and the client froze.
    Then I realized it was the forge thing and I pressed yes and everything was the same as before.
    I have no idea whether you'll be asked when starting a server. Shouldn't affect clients though. I think :S.

    Merry Christmass to you too!

    Updated! Haven't tested it alot yet though. I fixed the ENet implementation but am not entirely sure I did it correctly though :P.
    Oh and everyone with old worlds: If it says there is an ID conflict when loading your world, its just me using new forge methods and you can PROBABLY disregard it :).

    Also I have mostly figured out how I'm gonna balance things.
    The new MJ->EU system will no longer use Pneumatic Generators, those will only be available if you enable EasyMode in the config.
    Just letting you know, haven't started coding it yet, but coming soon!

    I have put up links to Transformers v1.3 for Minecraft 1.2.5 in the OP.

    so once again im ignored by another person on this from who doesn't check there personal messages..... what a shame i had actualy hoped to use this mod in my server... but why bother now.. seeing how i get ignored when asking about a server error.....

    When I looked at your error at the time, I had no idea what the problem was. After looking at it again though, I think your version of transformers is too old..
    It says it can't find basemod, but if you're on MC 1.2.5 it shouldn't need that. Although you're on tekkit, which is usually behind on all mod versions, so I'm not sure.
    Try again with the version of transformers I've just uploaded?

    Well you evidently haven't removed all the ic2/api folders from your mods, as this error is EXACTLY what happens when you don't.
    And you can find this error some pages back or in the OP :/.

    Since when did forge start not crashing the client when ID's are conflicting? Was better that way imo.
    Seems like that only happens when 2 blocks have the same ID's - not with two items or an item and a block.

    The reason it isn't working is the forum was moved to a new server and some of the attachments got lost along the way. Your computer is reporting the error the server gives it.

    A re-upload should fix it, or hosting the files elsewhere (or both).

    Sorry, I don't have a copy of this mod, else I'd try attaching it here until Snyke got a chance to look at the thread again.

    Ah, that explains it. Reuploaded.

    Happy Thanksgiving Snyke! (If you celebrate - not sure if you are from the states or not)

    It's the focused, smaller, and very useful mods such as yours that are inspiring me to write my own.

    Thank you! Even though I don't celebrate :P. Glad to be an inspiration :).

    And further more: Updated ;). No added features yet, I'm going to restructure most of the math behind the conversion so I can add a new, more balanced way - coming soon.

    Hi, i found this awesome mod, but a can't find Server part of this mod. Google says, that was available for download some days ago, but now i cant find it. Could someone help me to find this file ? May be anybody had download it early.

    Found it, :)

    When will the updated mod? It is waiting for updates, it remains to show only your mod and I can run my server. :Geothermal Generator:

    Either tonight or tomorrow, probably tomorrow.

    I tried to do that you say, bat result of this listed below

    You are looking for the server files for Transformers v1.3 for minecraft version 1.2.5 - which are separate.
    I don't have them on this pc though, and might not have them at all, but I will check tomorrow evening.

    I will try to add this to the MC 1.4.5 update, good suggestion :).
    Yes, this mod was based on perfect no loss conversion (wireless energy back in the days of BC teleport pipes) but I want it to be as customizable as possible :).

    Please take a look at the common errors :(

    I'm currently getting this error report in Minecraft 1.4.2 can someone please help me. Thank you :D

    java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Slot 4095 is already occupied by forestry.core.gadgets.BlockMachine@b1bce6 when adding snyke7.Transformers.BlockElectricEngine@16d891c

    Fix your configs, forestry is using the same block ID as Transformers is.

    Come on people, I added this problem to the common error list in the OP plus at least 5 people have asked about the exact same problem above. Try find fixes yourself before posting errors :/.
    So yeah, what mo3pp3l said :).

    if i update to a higher forge the latest 358 build than i need to update to 1.4.3 i think so no other mods are updated yet

    I have the same issue on 1.4 with BC 3.2.0, IC 1.108.71 and forge 355.

    But I guess from the start post that this version is not supported.

    Oh my bad, don't update forge, check all your mods for an ic2 folder inside the zip/jar. If you find one of those, delete them (except the one in the IC2.jar itself) and that should fix it.
    This error is caused by an outdated IC2 API.