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    Hey so to make the main page of the wiki easier to navigate, i feel like we could put a table system into it? I dunno, was looking at the main minecraft wiki and it's pretty easy to navigate, I dunno if this is being redundant but possibly throw in a FAQ under that table too? I mean i can try and help write things, I just notice that from the main forum a lot of people asking the same question, or asking what mods are compatible. Even through in a "known bugs' list in there too. I think that on the right side would be a good place, and have the current version below. I know it's probably easy forFeanturi to add to the wiki but i was thinking something like maybe that below? Hopefully my spelling is better this time :D Any one else have any suggestions that would make the wiki better?

    {{/style|header=Popular and Useful Pages|content=
    : [[Tutorials/Beginner's guide|Survival Guide: Singleplayer]]
    : Various modifications that alter the gameplay.

    Haha, ohh man. Nota Bene, makers mark and formatting/spelling is not always a good idea. Side note, think we could get it thrown onto a side box or maybe something on the main page? Without actually searching for mods, it's a buried page.

    Hey, So on The wiki, trying to create a page to show compatible mods, i think part of it just got locked while i was trying to edit? I'm new at the wiki, it's
    the page i'm trying to put in. That way people can test and show what mods work, figured that would clear a lot of confusion off of the other forum

    Scheiße, sooo messing up on the wiki i think, Trying to get compatible mods onto the navigation, i'm pretty sure i made two entries, was gonna try and move it, but someone edited it, 0.o Any hawlps?

    I see what you mean, I tend to run through a lot of the bonemeal when making the lime, light/grey, or the other inbetween colors. And i have terrible luck finding dungeons. I was just trying to figure out if you could stick like the actual dye color, like light blue dye and double it? That way the true raw ingredients aren't being duplicated, just the dyes, and i don't think dyes are much of a balance issue? I can see bonemeal, or the lapis. And yeah don't really care much about the flowers, they are just annoying to collect. I dunno, maybe this is just an inconvenience that's not worth the code, thoughts?

    Grenade launcher? HOw about a ITNT launcher! HAYO, you break through a wall into a new cave, hear creepers everywhere, and just light the place up! Whoo cares about the minerals, we all love to blow up creepers before they can shake your hand!

    When you thought that the extractor could only extract the rubber from trees, you were wrong! Because of the advanced technologies, it can extract dyes. HAYO! Tired of not having enough cocoa beans around, or that light blue dye tends to run out too fast, Well with the Extractor you can now extract 4 dyes from each item. (some complications may arise from extracting Lapis Lazuli, or squid. (wasn't sure if that would be the same as duplicating? Sorry if this sounds like a double post but the last dye thread was locked before i could respond)

    Dang, the nano armor can be a bit buggy, since it's not fully supported? Figured a stable alternative might be good, just because running out of energy and having to have a couple crystal chargers gets annoying. But I know Alblaka is busy so i can understand not wanting to implement it. I just get annoyed with always having to rechargee.

    So you can already take a tank round in the chest with the chest piece, But what about those creepers who fall from above when exploring a cave? With a Composite helmet, you can headbutt the creeper and show him who's boss HAYO. Also, When you're chasing down creepers in caves, and are jumping from above, don't you want to know your legs can be safe and sound? Composite Leg armor! And everybody hates when that diamond below them leads to a pit of lava, Help keep your feet safe with composite boots (potentially extra fire resistance? not sure how hard that is to implement). Pattern can be identical to the chest, but the appropriate pieces in the middle, maybe boots only use 4 advanced alloy.

    So when trying to amass large amounts of dyed blocks, It can be annoying having to try and fine the materials, especially for brown. So with the newfangled Dyeing machine (name still debatable) you can acquire a copy of the dye or dyed block, put it in the middle, just like the mass fabricator, and AYO, the advanced machine can extract the dye making the whole process incredibly efficient. So possibly 4 dyed blocks with one dye?