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    Just put our server back up, and looking for some additional folks.

    We use a custom modpack, similar in theme to FTB, but with an emphasis on closing most of the 'easy' ways to accomplish things. For example, our 1.5.2 iteration had Thermal Expansion, but tesseracts were disabled, so pumping nether lava for geothermal power became less trivial. With this iteration of the server, fewer such paths are obvious, but that may change in the future. The 'hardmode' part mostly comes into play where GT recipes are enabled for everything that has them, and anything that we feel is too cheap for what it does is somehow nerfed.

    Abbreviated mod list:
    -> IC2-Experimental
    -> GregTech
    -> BC4
    -> TC4
    -> MFR
    -> Forestry
    -> Railcraft
    -> Applied Energistics
    -> EnderIO
    -> SGCraft (STARGATES!)
    -> More, and open to requests from players.

    Server is professionally hosted in a datacenter, so no lag (at least until the world gets very populated, as is the norm with tech mod servers). We have a patcher, so you don't need to keep track of updates yourself. VOIP is also available.

    PVP is on, but deliberate griefing gets you banhammered. Admins are active on the server, but don't use op to cheat. The only rules are 1) Don't be a jerk, 2) Don't do things that harm server performance, 3) Don't whine.

    If you'd like to be whitelisted, post here or PM me with your IGN, confirmation that you are over 18, and that you understand the last paragraph. I will PM connection info to those who are added to the whitelist. We use a patcher which is not publically posted to comply with the licensing terms of some of the included mods.

    I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but a cursory search did not yield results and the thread is getting excessive to comb it for a mention manually.

    Would it be possible to have some way of making Info Panels default to being on, without requiring a redstone signal? Perhaps a config option, or an alternate crafting recipe (like RP2 inverted lamps).

    Additionally, some way of cloning cards (especially text cards) would be extremely useful.

    Between the huge nerf to reactors ('fun' nerf... computer-controlled CASUCs were fun, the new system is just 'meh'), and the rampant bugs since 103, I haven't been very happy with the direction IC2 is going.

    Then again, its a mod, someone else's hobby, free, etc. The two statements aren't mutually exclusive - I can express my opinion without saying that the IC2 dev team has an obligation to cater to it.

    Note that the initial post says the 'BC2 Pump'.

    The BC2 pump does not use cells, it pumps directly into BC2 pipes, and does not require an IC2 miner at all.

    The IC2 pump is an addon to the IC2 miner, and does indeed fill cells correctly, but it obviously wont fill cells with BC2 liquids (Afaik, neither it nor the miner even notice that oil exists).

    Wanted to do something other than solar, saw the Geothermal Mk2 generators included with PowerConverters mod, and thus, this was born. Probably not too impressive, but made completely legit in a new world (old save got lost in reformat).

    Has 2 banks of 8 lava tanks, 7 blocks high (soon to expand to 8 blocks). Total energy storage in lava form around 40,000,000EU. The two levers that you see in the back control the flow of lava into the Geothermal Generator Mk2 banks.

    Each bank outputs 100 EU/T, buffered through 2 batbox (this will be expanded to 5 BatBox right after I write this post, I just noticed that I'm losing EU with just 2 per bank) just don't feel like redoing the screenshots).

    Batbox output is buffered through 4 MFE, which then are routed up to the MFSU above, from which I am going to build out my power system. Yes, right now, the only thing hooked up to this is a single electric furnace, lol.

    Underside of flow control interface. I plan on doing some more stuff control-wise, so thus the bundled cable coming off and going nowhere.

    I think this design is going to be very expandable, both in lava storage and in EU output. Adding another bank of generators would be trivial (I ran out of diamonds for fiber cables), as would adding more MFSU for energy storage.

    My opinion is that this system is possibly even superior to most nuclear designs, as lava is fairly easy to come by and the power output of this system is rather incredible, with zero risk of explosion.

    Anyway, any thoughts, suggestions welcome...