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    I have to say that the new mystcraft is horribly unbalanced. Diamond ore ages have way too little instability, it's feasible to mine in them without getting mauled by twenty potion effects, like dense ores ages do.

    On topic: Frame quarries are so OP. They require no diamonds, and a large one can mine hundreds of blocks every second.

    I just want to say that a quad core or even a duel core cpu can do Trillions or at least Billions of operations every second so 65536 is nothing.

    You misunderstand CPU's. The more important value for minecraft, is not the number of cores, but the speed, because minecraft will only ever use one core. And for trillions of operations per second, you would need a 1+ terahertz processor, which is absolutely ludicrous (or a 128 gHz octuple core, although you would only be able to use one core for MC) and most modern CPU's for desktops are around 3 gigahertz, so 3 billion 1/0's processed per second. Each of those 65536 packets uses something around 20,000 1/0's. so, 1.3 billion 1/0's. So almost half of a modern processor for one line, when you're already running a lot of operations at the same time. And the 20k is just an estimate, it might be more, might be less.

    Either way, there is technically a limit to the number of packets in a line, and given that you can't have a partial packet, packets in one line per tick are probably stored in an integer, so 2,147,483,647 packets. If you actually have a computer that can handle that many, you could probably sell it for several billion dollars, given that it has about as much processing power as a large server farm.

    even moar names:
    Machinemuse's Modular Powersuits:
    Power Glove: Kamehameha, Falcon Punch, Hadouken, Saiyouken (HOWEVER THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE SPELT).
    Power Suit (Applies to all pieces of armour): Mjolnir MK V, Mjolnir MK VI, Poor man's qsuit, HEV Suit.

    I never figured out why the makers of Halo decided to name their armor after a hammer.

    Der Nasenbohrer (in English: the nosepicker, though the wordpun is only fun with the German 'bohrer' effectively meaning 'Nosedrill')
    The Bat-JetPack

    The only good use I've found for the anvil :P

    Another good use is enchanting your electric items. Kind of cheating, but it's fun to have an efficiency IV, fortune III diamond drill.

    Long story short, Crinium. It is used in conjunction with iridium to create tier IV tech, along with a player modification machine. Crinium would spawn in meteor craters, which are quite rare, and in small quantities.
    The Player Modification Machine would have many functions, mostly related to boosting the base stats of the player, such as health regeneration rate, natural armor, jump height, speed, damage, mining speed, and getting more food out of things/getting rid of debuffs at a cost of hunger.

    Totally not a reference to a recently written story by Al.

    Why can people make new threads in the official addons section? It means that the official addons might not be as official as one thinks. I know you can, because a spambot thread managed to get posted in there, and that is most definetly not an official IC2 addon. Unless it's a cleverly disguised spambot-addon thread.

    Note to self: Create a spambot addon and disguise it as a spambot thread.

    Two improvements to CF in terms of covering cables:
    1, make cables function sort of like scaffolds with CF, so you don't have to break a ton of excess CF all the time.
    2, possibly work with Sengir and Elo to add CF-Block microblocks and facades, so that our CF houses don't have BC/RP stuff running all over the place and looking terrible.

    Hey, Greg would you consider making a silktouch BuildCraft quarry? If not, anyone know a modder who likes to do random stuff like that?

    On a related note, could you make the rockcutter be usable in miners, giving a 50% increase in EU usage, but silktouch? (maybe not 50%, but definitely a decent increase) It would be very helpful for some people.