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    more details pls?

    He's referring to how real Nuclear Reactors are actually steam generators.
    The fissionable material is put into water that causes it to boil and release steam, this steam is sent through turbines which create the electricity, then the steam goes into the cooling towers to condense and go through the cycle again.

    When ever i place a MassFab, it's fine, but after reloading the area, via leaving or just loading the save again, the textures move around to different sides.
    I did a search of the forum, but didn't find anything.

    Here's an image, both MassFabs are facing the same way, the right one was placed after reloading the save.

    MC version: 1.4.7
    Forge version:
    IC2 version: 1.115.207-lf

    I got Fortune II on my Nano Saber (No idea how I got a tool enchantment on a sword), it seems to make the mobs drop more xp.

    Hmm, on further investigation, it seems the nano saber is set tot he tools enchanting list rather than the sword one.

    MC crashes when I try to run 3.1, but runs fine with 3.0

    Error report:

    I see it says i need 1.2.4 of forge, which is what I am running.

    After stareing at the sprites sheets for a while, I beleave that they now have all faces editable.
    My question is, from top-bottom, what face is what when looking at the front?
    Bottom, Top, ?, Front, ?, ?

    Sorry if this has been asked before;
    I'm making my own texture pack, and need some clarification on the sprite sheets.
    Here is a list of what I know, this was made before the recent updates so there is some missing data, which is what I would like help on.

    The letter is row with the number being the column.

    In the new update, I saw some new sprite sheets being added, such as block_generator.png;
    What are these sheet's used for and how do they differ from block_0.png?