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    can't figure out why /mt reload causes 'X modifications stuck'? All I'm adding is a couple sifting recipes, and even when I load a new game, and don't change any of the GT recipes and hit /mt reload it causes this. Meaning I can't edit other recipes at all without restarting.

    It was happening even with just a single sifter recipe with moon materials, so it can't be a conflict. Minetweaker log doesn't show much other than stuck at the adding sifting recipes part. The recipes work btw, just can't reload to edit things like time or energy or any non-GT related scripts either.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: So I saw a previous post mentioning the problem I mention above is how GT works. Seriously? Using a custom GT machine recipe completely disables /mt reload feature?

    the transparent ones are from refined relocation, i use a sneaky upgrade to insert the prints into the top slots, since i cant get ae2 to work with the assembler, when crafting cicuits, oh btw, this is just me experimenting with the mods i have, there is no theme yet, well, how can i get gt pipes to insert two seperate items in the asembler top slots?

    I recently went through the same ordeal with the assembler and AE processors. I think the problem was that assemblers would only accept one of the processor components (say the golden processor component) and then wouldn't accept the other (silicon processor component) until the fluid (redstone fluid) was inserted. This was using GT pipes btw. I managed to only use one ME interface in order to automate all of the AE processors using GT item filters, and GT pipes, so I can confirm they do work, although it wasn't as intuitive as I originally thought.