Posts by AdrianOkay

    First, the reinforced door should be done making plates in a block cutting machine of reinforced stone

    When you pick the foam texture with the obscurator and you place in a dried construction foam, it works like an Xray

    A heat port for the thermal centrifuge, making heat up faster

    Heat gun:

    Electrical heat means coils,or copper boilers, the battery, too, and the small power unit, the electronic circuit, advanced heat vent

    Heat gun on wires will recover the rubber, aplying on colored construction blocks will remove the paint, shooted on players
    will make them 0 damage points,but knockback like the snowball

    On overclocked mode will convert ice into water, and delete snow,
    but will consume more
    Will remove grass and sapplings
    It will do a very low damage on players
    and will be able to set things on fire in 10 seconds if aims at it

    A more ''sticky'' Tamping Rammer aka Electrical piston
    Piston, electronic circuit, machine block and restone and iron casing
    Able to stick into machines and be able to move them with redstone signals, or with timers, and being able to push or contract itself
    several blocks

    Vaucum cleaner, i dont know if used as block or as tool
    The electronic circuit, the motor, the heat vent, machine block
    it will suck items in the area if haves the enough power assigned to them,
    if the power is higher than the player mass it atract them, too

    A laser block, or tool able to tell the distance in blocks, and or make a redstone trigger if something trasspass the defined distance
    maybe a diamond or a cristal, the machine block, advanced electronic circuit

    Add power tools attachements, example, vacuum for the drill, so it pick up without the risk of loosing a diamond in lava, for example

    First there should be machines for ''dissasembling'' materials into more basically forms

    Compressed cells should be dissasembled into: nitrogen, oxigen, argon,neon, helium kripton, ozone...

    Sea Water into Hidrogen ,oxigen and sodium (obviously) and a random value to find potasium, magnesium, sulphur

    Slime would be a total random

    And so on...

    Then with the other machine, you can ''assemble'' these raw materials into things
    like making custom nuclear fuel rods, making enough H2SO4 to use as liquid
    purifing uranium and remove other particles for ''Perfect Uranium Rod''
    The ashes 're a unused craft, they can be used for make a saturation into a liquid or purifiing it to make Potassium hydroxide!

    These are my ideas and bugs i found

    1Making a MFSU Upgrade kit dont gives you the achievement from

    making a normal MFSU

    2This maybe is hard to understand, so im going to make a

    practical example, Timmy makes a hole in the floor, now he

    spray a CFoam, he picks up it's obscurator, he takes

    the foam texture, and when that foam harden, he changes

    it's texture back to foam, Weee here we got the best

    Wallhack/Cave finder, never seen
    (if you make a 9x9 room, you got a very sexy exploiting

    weapon (block the foam as a copy-able texture)

    3In my server the people does this, the nano saber is

    easily crafted, only you need 4 diamonds, so they pick up

    they nano saber, they burn some wood, and they charge,
    (maybe 400 EU in it) Now they got 20 DMG points with just

    a crappy thing done, a barely empty saber wouldnt do that

    massive amounts of damage, maybe 4 dmg when barely charged
    and only the 20 dmg when 1/4 to 4/4 of charge

    First: the problem solving ideas

    A machine what convert scrap metal ( when you make bronze

    batt's im very sure you got 1 bronze item casing), so

    this machine convert them
    into piny piles, so you can change some iron fences, some

    item chasing and some IC2 coins into a ingot again, (like

    when you're making the
    nuclear reactor and you got a spare compressed lead plate,

    What i can do with it now? -------> 81 lead tiny piles

    A portable machine what checks how much EU the armors,

    bats and tools got, (Maybe it would charge the tools,

    armors, and even batboxes or that is to much?)


    A simply macerator is easily blown by a creeper, ok,nobody

    bothers', a MFSU blown by a failed TNT explosion, a

    ricochet dynamite or, a creeper is not funny, yeah?
    Able to spray the machines with CFoam, to make them in the

    Reinforced stone color, and enhance it's blown resistance,

    and harder to break with a pickaxe

    Second: New things

    Control pannel: You attach it in the MFSU-MFE-CESU-BATBOX,

    and you can limit energy,limit to what side output and

    next things

    GPS: The GPS, map-like GUI, but with implemented things,

    Zoom, player-follow mode, and locate with a red dot the

    Control pannels with the 'Location' Enabled, to never get


    Now we gotta the Thermal expansion we would implement the

    use of steam cars or air balloons

    Maybe exploration rovers,with sitted mode, and with remote

    ''Control like a flat base with a batbox and a solar

    pannel, able to intectact with machines would be a tier 1

    (useful for making modifications in your tier V reactor

    withn't getting close to it, or to when you're trapped,

    use a radio to call backup to pick you up or to move
    your loot, or even harder, you give 'em youre uncharged

    tools and he goes to the mfsu, it charges it, and bring

    'em back

    The rover would be good if you can attach things to it, like

    attaching drills in the front, and wind mills back,a boat bellow, to go

    in water, Amphibious

    ...................... MinecraftChar
    Concepts:....:Batbox::Batbox::Batbox::Mining Drill:

    ..........:Generator:...:Mobile Charger:
    ..........:MFS-Unit::MFS-Unit::MFS-Unit:....................... MinecraftChar :Mobile Charger:

    Tier 1 HoverCraft

    Tier 2 Scout

    Tier 4 Flying machine