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    Hiya. Recently, me and my friends set up yet another server using IC^2 alongside other mods, this time updating to v1.81.
    However, when preparing my nuclear reactor site, I noticed that when placing the reinforced door, this occurs:

    The pink and green squares are actually reinforced doors, so the texture seems to be glitched. Same occurs for my friend. Does anyone know why they show like this and if so, how to fix it?
    I run a long list of mods, if needed I can provide it.

    I've set up a SMP server with my friends, with IndustrialCraft 1.337b and Buildcraft 2.2.5 on Minecraft 1.8.1. When I (the host) try to take out the macerated dusts from a macerator, the server crashes with this error code in the console:

    Note that if anyone else takes the dusts out of the macerator, the server just lags for a few seconds but keeps going. What's wrong?
    EDIT: It seems me and one friend can't take it out, but other two can take it out fine. I don't know what's wrong now. We all use the exact same jar (one of us modded it and sent it to others), and put mods in correctly, the same way :/
    EDIT2: This seems to now happen with products of all machines - the same happened with iron furnace making sticky resin into rubber or smelting iron.
    EDIT3: I copied my friend's config file. No effect. Tried deleting mod files and having them restore to default - no effect as well. It makes it unplayable :/