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    Anyone please?

    Hello. I have a Large Steel Boiler producing steam at 1200mb/t or 24000L/s. That should be enough to fully power 30 Steam Dynamos. So this setup has MV Output hatch with 24000L capacity going through Large TSteel pipes with the same capacity into 30 Steam Dynamos. The expectation is that each consecutive Dynamo steals 800L from the pipe system and at the end we get 800 left for the last Dynamo. But what happens instead is each dynamo takes 1600L without any increase in RF and 15 Dynamos are fully powered instead. To try and circumvent that I thought about making 800L pipes going into each Dynamo, like this. Nothing changed. Only 15 Dynamos are fully powered. Shutters made no difference in any configuration. The only way to make this work I found was to put a pump going into each Dynamo, but that many pumps seems a bit much. Same system but with fluiducts works flawlessly.

    I guess I'm missing some nuance about the way GT pipes work. I've watched MysteryDump's videos and either I'm retarded or she's terrible at explaining the pipe mechanics.

    As a side note: why don't the regulators do anything?