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    Lag is a real problem with this type of mods. They are built around the idea that you need to automate as much as possible and scale things up to progress at a reasonable pace, and while there's nothing wrong with the idea, minecraft just can't handle it. If you pay attention and use the most efficient (hardware-wise) way to gets things done you can get a bit further, but the game will always get worse.

    In my play through I built a void base with everything on it's island and ender chests/tank to move items around; my laptop initially seemed to cope with it well but as I progressed in some areas the FPS would start dropping, and there isn't all that much.

    I tried GT:NH just to see how my computer would handle it: on a fresh world I get around 20 FPS with spikes, NEI takes about 5 seconds to update after I type something and if i go near one of those underground dungeons the FPS don't go above 5.

    While GT:NH isn't the best example since it's a very big modpack, it gives an idea on how things can get. The only solution I know is having a real beefy computer, and even then i don't know how much it helps. Either that or enduring the lag.

    I hope you have a couple of blast furnaces because, unless you're ready to wait a lot of time, I've found that one just won't cut it. Between all the other materials, the tungsten which takes 10 minutes and needs to be alloyed again with steel and, once you start needing LuV+ components, alloyed once again to HSS, the blast furnace can become easily the bottleneck. I had 4 MVs that runned constantly and a HV one for the recipes that required it and they felt slow, although i really hate waiting for processing times and someone else might find them plenty of smelting power. Then I built the GT++ advanced one with an EV hatch which is , like the other GT++ multiblocks, a bit overpowered compared to "vanilla" GT, since it processes 8 items at the same time and is really quick. It consumes a lot of pyrotheum though (the thermal expansion stuff).

    I've been having some issues with oil distilling too, I've rebuilt the whole setup a couple of times and just ended up burning almost all of the products and "voiding" the energy making cobblestone because the storage would just keep getting full and blocking everything. With so many different outputs it's impossible to keep things balanced.

    Also, looking at the recipe for the fusion reactor controller, I regret switching my 2 reactors to thorium

    since it requires *some* plutonium, unless I've missed something.

    Apparently multiblocks don't like to have pipes or cables around when you are building them. I had already laid out the pipes and cables for three turbines before building them; the first two worked correctly, the third one just wouldn't form. I tried moving it several times, and when I removed all the pipes around it worked first try. It's not even the first time it happens.

    So far in my LHE/Turbines setup i haven't noticed any loss of water, and they've been turned off as well so even in startup they didn't lose any.

    It might be the boiler's fault, unless there's some loss of steam somewhere, or the turbines are running over the optimal flow and are voiding it (I don't know for sure if they void the water as well or output it normally)

    I don't know if the end is actually the best place to get tungsten.

    I've quickly flown around the main island without digging shafts or anything (I was looking for naquadah but it turns out the pack I'm playing only has it enabled in GC asteroids) and I didn't see any; mostly tin, olivine and lapis if I remember correctly. Of course it might be just bad luck.

    The vein ore generation can really screw you over, and digging countless shafts just to find an ore isn't really the most fun thing you can do.

    I made an IV disassembler.... and it's really useless. To disassemble a LV machine it needs more than 400secs, so there isn't any reason to waste millions of EU to save a bit of copper and iron. The only thing you could use it for then is to disassemble electric tools, but considering how much tungsten it took to build, an EV one or even lower would still be better, since you could disassemble more tools than you'd ever use before the loss of materials would exceed the cost of the machine.

    Of course with nuclear you still need the on/off switch, but this way you aren't using the fuel you could feed to single block generators; you could always scale up oil refining, but that requires more distillation towers and more oil drilling rigs.

    Fuel is certainly a good way to go for EV power, but I wanted to try out nuclear and see how it works for me.

    Besides, looking at the energy cost of some of the later recipes (mainly circuits and ore processing), i don't think the reactor will be turned off often.

    I'm getting ~1000HU/s; each liter of hot coolant in the LHE makes 80 liters of regular steam so I get 80000L/s of steam, just enough to support three turbines. I've also considered the diesel generator since I've already got the refinery set up, but the thing should consume a high octane gasoline cell every 9.4 seconds and I'm not sure if I can keep up with it, considering I already use it to power everything I have except the refinery itself. Plus, when I've got a single power source I tend to build everything clustered together and later regret it, while the single block generators, even if slightly inefficient, allow me to build things further apart, are more flexible and don't need any buffers with redstone to switch on/off only when they are needed.

    I've reached the time to move to nuclear. Normal nuclear reactors aren't really worth it at 60 titanium each to get less than 500 EU/t, so I went straight to liquid cooled. I made a quick layout with 3 dual uranium rods in a creative world and the difference is huge: a normal reactor makes 360 EU/t, a liquid cooled one produces enough steam to power three turbines with large ultimet rotors (27000 L/s) and makes a whopping 2850EU/t, it's around 8 times the output! And that's even without getting super-heated steam.

    Of course you need quite a bit of extra titanium for the large heat exchanger and all the other materials for the turbines, but it's worth it.

    And when I'll need more power i can add 3 more reactors and get bonus power from switching to HP turbines.

    Finally I've finished my oil refinery fully dedicated to the production of high-octane gasoline. It was a pain to gather all the materials, but at least I don't have to build everything attached to a large boiler anymore. It was fun to figure out where to get the ingredients from and how to lay out the machines (even though I build everything too close). I found a bit annoying that I could get everything I needed from oil except from ethanol, so I had to build another distillation tower for fermented biomass, but looking at the bright side I also get other useful byproducts.