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    Yes Electrum Ore exists, not my fault for it to exist. I wasnt the first to add it.

    Its just a bit weird.



    I have just experienced a crash with current GT6 and Chunk-Pregenerator. I did not have journeymapping at the moment, just Chunk-Pregenerator running for about 3 hours straight, generating 250x250 chunk square area.


    In this case, it was being ran on client (that means, I don't run dedicated server). Area in which my character was standing was already fully mapped, character was in creative mode.

    tldr: exception is similar:

    more detailed tldr:

    Relaunching the client now, so to see if it would crash when Chunk-Pregenerator will continue doing its thing.

    Update: For the world to even load I've had to remove COFH* mods. With COFH*, it instacrashed on world load with messages about OreDict problems.

    But this is exactly that i need. I just want to know where can i find it. My wiki templates will generate articles about materials semi-automatic so i need to know how to generate properties of material from source code.

    If I am correct at interpretetion of the source code:

    WASHING_MERCURY is a tag defined in There is also WASHING_PERSULFATE tag.

    (Interestingly enough, Electrum crushed ore does indeed exist in items in-game.)

    edit: I haven't seen previous two messages. Lol.

    I've had a crash with Chunk-Pregenerator and Journeymap. Crash log:


    In discord discussion it was suggested that Chunk-Pregenerator is completely incompatible with GregTech due to the way of how GT generates ores. Is this true? If this is true, what is the recommended pregeneration method? (Also, if it is true, could the mention of Chunk-Pregenerator be removed from the recommendations on GT6 download page?)

    Thank you!

    Well... After generating about 50k chunks it encountered OOM instead of class cast exception. I've had 16Gb allocated to minecraft server process, and I think that there is some leak because during generation memory was slowly but steadily closing on 16Gb, with less and less reclaimed over each GC iteration.

    Now if that version would've had some debug logging to say "here crash should have happened but it did not" - I'd tell with 100% certainty if its fixed or not. :D Hopefully it is though.

    I've tried to find the similiar issue down the thread, but didn't.

    Worldgen process crashes using Chunk Pregenerator and last GT:

    Checked versions, it seems that everything that was mentioned on the download page is right on my side.


    1.  Caused by: java.lang.ClassCastException: gregapi.block.multitileentity.example.MultiTileEntityChest cannot be cast to net.minecraft.tileentity.TileEntityChest

    From what I can tell, mining pipe isn't used at all (I've put a stack into machine, it didn't eat even 1 of them). Its creative superflat, so bedrock should be, like, 3 tiles away.
    Scanner shows 14351 of Natural Gas and 1037591 Oil in the chunks I have the machines in.
    Okay, after going through all the things here and there I've found out that I've had .08 build instead of the last one.
    Last one (.11) crashes the game for me, so I've installed .10 and it works fine.
    I'll get the report to github in a bit.

    So, I'm testing the Oil Drilling Rig in creative superflat world.
    It just doesnt' work.. Its built oK and starts but generates no oil at all. Scanner says that chunk has Natural Gas in it; tried light oil as well.
    Its built properly, I've supplied drilling fluid & mining pipes, it drains energy from attached batbuffer, but doesn't generate anything at all. What is the first thing to check in this circumstances?

    Ah, I thought that's your solo work. Ok.


    The Problem is i cant make it every People right so the more different
    recipes we get the more i can post and maybe then you can find some
    recipes you like.

    Honestly I'd expect to have a policy stating that "You have to have mods X,Y,Z to run this script" should be in a header or something. :)
    But whatever.
    I'll see what can be done to that recipes from to elliminate outer dependencies.
    No promises here, cause I don't see what could & what I could not improve in recipes (too newb).

    DreamMasterXXL ,
    I mean for ex. this file:…la-Minecraft/Minecraft.zs
    I'd expect for this to have only Minecraft: & gregtech: items in this one, but it has some CarpenterBlocks' blocks as materials, for example, the recepie for CraftingTable:
    recipes.addShaped(CraftingTable, [

    [CarpentersBlock, CarpentersBlock],

    [CarpentersBlock, CarpentersBlock]]);

    In which:

    val CarpentersBlock = <CarpentersBlocks:blockCarpentersBlock>;

    This does not happen in my test version. If i remember right, this is what happens when you disable railcrafts blast furnace in it's config.



    /home/neko/.minecraft/config/railcraft/blocks.cfg: B:machine.alpha.blast.furnace=false

    However this doesn't seem like an expected behaviour.
    I'll check this little bit later with v.5.07.07.