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    Been sticking with Forge 1291 because it's the latest recommended, even though lots of my mods have made the jump into the 13xx's... Going to try upping to 1373 JUST for this, xbony. I hope you realize how much this means I love NC2...

    So, about this - it's gone today, sides of the panels are just white. Literally nothing changed (I'm server admin). *shrug*

    Another bug report (sorry)...

    Redstone modes of the range trigger seem backwards to me. In "positive pulse" mode, the range trigger outputs a redstone signal when the target is OUTSIDE the set range (below bottom setting or above top setting). In "negative pulse" mode, the range trigger outputs a redstone signal when the target is INSIDE the set range (below top setting and above bottom setting).

    Average counter isn't working for me. Some screenies...

    Orientation of the average counter is correct, though I've tried it every possible way with same result. (Still "conducts" in every orientation - intentional?)

    Also, a bug: when swapping a counter sensor location card for an energy sensor location card in the industrial information panel GUI, the energy sensor location card turns into another counter sensor location card (you're left with two counter sensor location cards, and no energy sensor location cards).

    IC2x 2.2.691
    NC2 2.2.0a-Yolo

    Been looking forward to this one since the IC2x update - thanks xbony!

    Just throwing this out there, and wouldn't be surprised if someone else has already suggested it... Would it be possible to design a portal that people could host on their own web servers, which could be connected to in the config file, in order to make use of the web upgrade? I'm not an HTML guy, so I'm no help beyond the idea.

    Just updated to NC 2.1.2a from 2.0.8c (and updated to IC2x 2.2.691 from 2.2.660), and the industrial information panels with energy sensor cards don't seem to be working right... I've got a few tied to CESUs and MFEs, and while they used to display correctly (values out of 300k and 4M, respectively), they now all show 0 out of 32k, regardless of what is actually stored in the CESU/MFE. Tried breaking and re-placing both the panels and the CESUs/MFEs, and behavior of the panels remains unchanged.


    Advanced info panels have the same problem.