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    Anyone else having issues with recipes being duplicated with this mod installed? The basic IC2 recipes are all repeated again, they show up in Risugami's recipe book, as well as the Crafting Table II. In fact, there's like twelve recipes for alloy ingots. It doesn't seem to affect anything, just more of a pain to use the recipe book, since there are lots more pages to scroll through.

    I'll try reinstalling the mod, see if that helps.

    Since all sane people hate enchantments and potions i don't see why you had to bring that up reminding us just how awful that system is... Either way, point is that making structures out of smoothstone (which some people still do mind you) shouldn't be cheaper by using the mining laser and placing the cobble blocks... And it also makes sense in a physical way. A furnace is a confined environment where heat cannot escape as easily. Using a laser out in the open is a different thing all together.

    Why do you care about it anyways? I made a balancing suggestion and you want it to be cheaper than burning it in a furnace? You saying you want to use the laser to harden your cobble into smoothstone? hmmm?

    Fair enough. Other than making compressors and reinforced stone, smoothstone doesn't have much purpose besides as a building material. No reason why the EU cost can't be balanced with an electro furnace/induction furnace. And, it probably shouldn't be instantaneous either, maybe require multiple shots?

    The main reason why I want this suggestion is that there currently is no way to clear out underground lakes with IC2, besides the vanilla method of filling the area with sand/gravel and then digging it all back up. Buildcraft has the option of doing it for you, with a filler set up 1 block above the lake to fill with sand, but then the sand must be removed , either by another filler, or by hand. It drives me nuts when I'm setting up a mining shaft and I run into a large underground lake, there's just no fast or efficient method.

    Equivalent exchange has the volcanite amulet, with a projectile that evaporates water, as well as a hot key to evaporate all water in a radius around you, which makes this particular task a breeze. The "smelt-in-place" idea just sort of hit me while I was logging on to post this.

    The only UUM recipe I would like to see added would be redstone ore blocks. You can already get them with a pickaxe with the silk touch enchantment, but I don't really care for the enchanting system, tbh. I just love using redstone ore blocks for floors, since they flash as you walk over them.

    Also, with a ton of patience and a piston, you can push redstone ore blocks all the way from near bedrock to wherever you want it.

    Great idea, I like it!

    Though turning cobble into smoothstone on the spot should cost more than putting it in a electro furnace.

    I'm not so sure... if you smelt a block of cobblestone in place, you can't retrieve it to use in a recipe, you just get the cobblestone back. Even if the mining laser were cheaper to smelt than an electro furnace, you would still need to use a furnace in order to smelt stone to make a compressor, for instance. Likewise, we could also allow smelting of sand into glass, in place. But, you can't break it to pick it up and use it in a crafting table to make reinforced glass. It doesn't drop anything when you break it.

    The only way this would help you smelt stuff cheaper is if you had a pick enchanted with silk touch, and smooth stone is already the most common block in the game, it wouldn't exactly be a game changer to be able to make more.

    This is a simple one. Add a "heat" mode to the mining laser. This would have a few simple functions. First, shooting any mobs or flammable blocks would cause them to catch fire. Second, shooting cobblestone blocks would smelt them into smoothstone in place. Third, and the best imo, it would cause water source blocks within a 1 block radius of the laser beam to evaporate. If you've used the volcanite amulet from the equivalent exchange mod, you know how it would work. This would allow you to clear up underground lakes you run into without having to fill them in with sand or gravel.

    No change.

    Can you please use meaningfull thread titles next time ?

    Good point. Fixed.

    The only reason I asked is because the new detector cable and switch cable recipes require HV cable to create, presumably so that they can handle any voltage. The HV and MV transformer recipes are not consistent with this.

    Why do the recipes for MV and HV transformers require copper wire, when copper wire cannot carry MV, HV, or EV current? Shouldn't the MV Transformer use gold wire, and HV transformer use HV cable?

    I had this exact same issue, on both my home computer and a crappy old thinkpad T61 I sometimes use. I think it has to do with the way it interfaces with the sound card drivers. Both systems have a basic on board sound card. The fix worked as well for me, but only LWJGL 2.7.1 woked. There are newer versions available (up to 2.8.2 as of this post) but all of them cause minecraft to crash shortly after logging in.

    I'm just a little skeptical - someone signs up just to post a fix and then someone else signs up just to "verify" that it works?

    Proceed with caution. If it's legit, that's great... but I'll wait until it's vetted by a reliable source, thanks.

    Can't say I blame you. If someone wants to peek inside and verify it, please do!