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    Magnetic materials retain same physical properties.
    A magnetic sword is no better than a blessed sword.
    A magnetic screwdriver tip has some use in real life. But in Minecraft, there is nothing like tiny screws handling mishaps.
    Even a Minecraft Compass does not use a magnetic iron rod ingredient.

    You sure have a point there, but why exactly does a regular Steel Sword has Sharpness II, while a magnetic Steel Sword does not? Or does magnetism prevents it from being sharpened? x-x

    Also, what exactly is the point of radioactive tools? Most of them (Excluding Naquadriah for example) have no clear benefits towards other, more common materials, but have the massive drawback of the radioactivity enchantment. While it sure is realistic, nearby entities (Mobs, Animals) should be effected by the radioactivity too, to make it atleast somehow worthwhile, given the requirement of a Hazmat Suit (which doesn't has much durability) to even properly use them.

    Is it possible to repair GT 5 Meta tools?

    By the way, are there any plans to add Chrome-Vanadium-Steel? It is a more or less common Steel IRL for tools for example. This could also add a bit more use to Vanadium, as its only use so far is for Vanadium-Gallium wires/cables.

    Blood Asp, could you please take a look at magnetic tools?

    I dunno if this was changed in later version, since I'm still playing 5.08.xx,

    but right now Magnetic Iron / Steel has absolutely no value as tools, especially since Magnetic Steel Swords are even worse then regular Steel Swords, the latter atleast have the Sharpness II enchantment.

    I dunno, some improved Mining Speed or similar could work for magnetic pickaxes (they are magnetic after all). Atleast a small something to make them a little different to the regular tools would be nice.

    Which version do you use? In the newer versions, the bronze boiler requires one charcoal every 2 seconds, the better boilers require more.

    I'm using 5.08.33. However, I managed to cut down on lag by a whole lot by re-configuring the supplier pipes to "bulk50" instead of "partial" or "infinite", and also I've reduced the overall amount of logistics pipes.

    Well, the "promoted" way would be Coal -> Oil/Gas -> Nuclear -> Fusion.

    Feeding a single boiler with 30 charcoal/min should be possible without too much lag and equals about 300EU/t. Enough to reach MV age withoug much trouble. Oil from other mods is usually quite limited for GT usage. You usually use up one source within a few hours. But the GT Oil drill can supply much bigger amounts. It is just annoying to search for a good oil chunk. Turning it into nitrodiesel should get you to 500-800EU/t quite easy. IC2 Biogas can reach similiar outputs when using a Destillation tower, but that is likely still too expensive for you. Then next are IC2 Reactors. Recently i boosted their output a lot, but made them also more expensive to build (Titanium = EV Tech). A simple EU output Thorium reactor can reach 224EU/t, using a fluid mox reactor cycling cooling cells and GT Highpressure Turbines i could reach about 8800EU/t from 4 Quad Mox cells.

    30 charcoal / min? Do you mean a RC boiler? The GT bronze boiler from what I've seen consumed like 1 coal every second.

    I'm not sure if this is the place to ask for this kind of stuff, but ..

    I came across some problem. I'm playing GT5/GT5U for a while now, and have arrived somewhere at the lower end of the "electric age", having most LV and a few (important) MV machines. However, I struggle to get a proper power supply. Currently I am using an MFR tree farm automated by logistics pipes to feed RC boilers, which in turn feed steam turbines. I do have an GT Bronze boiler to power a blast furnace / the MV machines for a while, however, I can't produce enough charcoal to power it all permanently without severly lagging the server. Is there a decent (I don't mind it being complex) early / mid-game self-sustaining & maintenance free way to generate some EU, which is not going to lag the server? Apart from solar panels, or pumping the nether, that is. The first is .. dunno, the thing I've been doing ever since 1.25 and nether pumping seems like cheating to me.

    RC is is quit out of date try updating that. Resurrection is an old pack that is not being updated by FTB so I would go through it and update all the mods since you updated GT.

    I tried it. I updated Railcraft, after which I've got crashes from Chisel 2. After a quick googling, I figured Chisel would need an update too.

    So I did - after that EE3 caused crashes. Another google turned out that the most recent version of EE3 would fix it.

    Done that too, et voila, MC starts again - well, as far as telling me that my forge is outdated. After I tried to update forge, I literally messed everything up. x_x

    EDIT: Managed to somehow get it all running when I downloaded MultiMC, Important Resurrection into that and let it update forge. However, I have no clue how to update it on the server. x_x


    I'm using FTB Resurrection and GT5U on my private server. Now I came across the problem that I can't craft the Railcraft Solid & Liquid fueled fireboxes. The boilers itself are craftable.

    I've checked both the configs of RC and GT, but I can't seem to figure what disables the recipe. Does anyone knows where I could enable it? I want to use the RC boilers as my basic, maintenance free source of energy. I intend to use GT boilers later on.

    Blood Asp, is there any chance you might be able to improve the GT5 configs a bit?

    It would be awesome for server owners to be able to adjust SOME machine data, like the efficiency or fuel use of the generators.
    (I am aware one is allready able to change the fuel values for oil, ethanol, methane gas and so on; but steam for example is totally missing)
    I have not tested GT5U yet, but regular GT5 is lacking for the generic energy part, as there is no really good, renewable source for the higher tiers, and tons of steam boilers might lead to a lot of lag, one of the reasons I want to make steam a bit more worth it.

    Also I was wondering if you might want to add some exotic metals to your new machines (americium for example?), GT5 has plenty of ores, though many are unused - would be cool to have even more variation then there allready is.

    Also, do your plasma generators generate plasma Helium? If I'm right the plasma arc furnace was not useable in GT5.