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    Last one...

    I hate character limits... The last one is the last 4 Info's.

    One more afterward...

    GT tells me to report this to authors. Hope this is the right place. Also if you need the full log just ask but it's really long so be warned...

    There's more hold on :P

    Wait... Do you have a license? I need to know if this is Standard Open Use / MIT because of the Curse launcher. I would adore to use this mod in my network modpack but the curse will only accept 3rd party mods if it's listed somewhere that anyone can use this (a.k.a. just giving me permission wouldn't work) Please reply! :)

    As a subnote I believe you can also put in the OP "Yes you can use my modpack!" or something like the sorts.

    The curse rules:

    "Mods must be open use, MIT/GPL style. No conditions beyond credit. Does not have to be open source. But no "you can use it IF xyz, and abc, and etc" "

    "You must provide a link to the mod liscense. NOT to a personal permission."