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    I seem to be able to take an infinite number of readings with the digital thermometer (still?). Anyone else having this issue? IC2 1.43 / Forge 1.2.3

    *EDIT* Looks like that might have only been happening in my single player test. Seems to be working on our server.

    Great little addition by the way - love it. Any way that the future could hold a place-able block that displays a temperature readout (perhaps via a GUI?)? Don't know anything about the creation of mods, or what's possible.

    The Wireless Redstone blocks have frequencies listed right on the textures, can't imagine it wouldn't be possible. Maybe less than practical, as it would be updating all the time. But remember, placing a block removes a water face. I guess you could have it link a reactor with a temp gauge like the teleporters.

    I've found that the more I have to wait, the less I mind the wait. It's given me a reason to really stop and look at as many mods as possible instead of just skimming off the top page or two of MCF and missing some fun ones that don't get much traffic, like Simple Winter Mode. I'm constantly tweaking my BetterThanTechnic suite, and when everything is ready to go, it should be a blast - 512 height map, snow, and a ton of great content mods. I would not have had that if I'd been able to just plow right through 1.0.0 with the usual suspects.