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    Sorry, but the picture does not actually show how you've laid out the components in the reactor. It looks more like the outside of your series of reactors.

    Yeah, did not think about that, and yes, it is a picture of my last test reactor. The reason I say last test reactor is because I had my experimental auto loading system set up and forgot to set up the emerald pipe filter for one of my sub units on my fuel removal system, that way when I pulled the lever to insert fresh fuel that sub unit filled with fresh uranium. Because it had no heat vents the unit heated up extremely quickly and then destroyed the entire area. That and other problems have made me decide to scrap my plans for an auto loading system for manual loading as if I load it myself I can check for errors and problems like that.

    Well here is a picture of one of the sub units inside Unit "A".

    As you can see I went with a very simple grid design composed of the cheapest components I could find. Again, my main concern is if it is possible to pack in more fuel rods into one of these while still being a MK-1. The top picture is of the individual core layout using the regular heat vents

    P.S. I also recalculated the plutonium production and found that the reactor produces around 34.56 units of plutonium (the big ones) per hour, so at current rates I will be able to produce two stacks an hour once all four reactors are online.

    Having installed the latest versions of Reactorcraft, Buildcraft, IC2, and some other mods, I have been having a fun time. However, I had one problem, the new nuclear weapons need plutonium (or uranium if you want an inefficient and low yield bomb), and regrettably I cannot use the plutonium from my breeder reactor I have set up. So I decided to do what the US government did in real life, use a non power producing reactor to produce plutonium for weapons. Being the plutonium crazy person I am I decided to build a series of test reactors using the new 5x5 reactor system. Some of the places that those test reactors were are now craters. Due to this tendency to (in scientific terms) splode' I decided to go with a passively cooled, traditional, reactor design. While I have had great success with these, and plutonium production is now in full swing, I have come across another problem. I can only produce so much plutonium an hour, around 40 plutonium, from "A" Reactor, and because "B","C" and "D" are going to take forever to put online, I would like to know if anyone has a 4 chamber reactor that can handle more fuel than my current limit of around 18.

    Oh, and here is a picture of the inside of "A" Reactor testbed located in my testworld in the attachments (still trying to find out an automated feeding system for the bugger).