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    RumbleGoat's minecraft server is up and running on version 1.1.0, Were looking for a few good minecrafters to work on a powder fresh world generated last night. Rumblegoat is a Survival server, life will be tough, the monsters will be equally tough

    Featuring: BuildCraft/IndustrialCraft2/RedPower2 and the BC/IC2 cross over mod

    Players are required to create there own safe zones using the bukkit plugin residence, if you dont protect your house stuff can and probably will get stolen.

    Is that other player your buddy? Did you just enter a pvp zone? Don't like pvp?
    PvP is controlled by the players, by default you can not pvp with another player, how ever if you build a residence you can set the pvp flag to true, allowing you to create an area, a wasteland a whole section of the map that is bandit country.
    Note: players that enable pvp must indicate on the enter message of there residence.

    But wait there is more, Residence is tied into BOSEconomy, meaning those plot protection zones aren't free. new players get 100 ICs, which are directly deposited to your bank account, the server will pay you to play at the rate of 1 IC a minute for each minute your online. A little 10x10x10 plot doesn't cost that much to protect a about 200 ICs a month, you can earn that either by just mining iron and refining it into credits or you could play online a couple of minutes a day. However if you forget to pay your rent your plot looses its protection, don't worry we setup bill pay for your residence automatically so your rent should be paid so long as your bank account still has money.

    If you want to just build stuff and design cool things you are free to, how ever you are strongly encourage to use the protection plugin so your creations last more than a day. Bored with your old fort, just cancel your lease and go find a new spot its as easy as that.

    This is a good balance between players being online, players wanting to pvp, players wanting to steal and the other players not wanting to get killed or stolen from.

    If you made it this far i might have peeked your interests, if you would like to join then submit an application here:
    Minecraft server
    Teamspeak 3

    Rumblegoat also has a Installer helper tool, tired of pointless changes to your configs, tired of having to remember to change the guid for your iron furnace? your in luck, just download the RGInstaller and follow the directions, you will have to download all the mods your self but once you complete that part just hit a install button and your ready to rock.

    If you need additional help i have made a video to show how the process works located here: here:

    Please note all refrences to money are strickly in game only, Rumblegoat accepts donations,
    but we are not a p2w server or restrict recipes based on how much you have helped the server out.
    we are also not a pay for vip server either.

    You know as much as AL does NOT want CASUC or Ice or bucket, i find it hard to believe that no one has pointed out that a CASUC is the most realistic reactor.

    In the real world No one would build a MK2-5 they don't have timing circuits at 3 mile island they have control rods, the coolant is added at a specific rate for the specific amount of heat the reactor produces. Granted 3 mile island nearly caused some bad fall out but that was due to faulty control systems. They dont turn the reactor on for 5 minutes and then let it cool for a hour.

    They do how ever have pipes or tubes that send coolant to the reactor how ever that coolant doesn't just go poof it goes to a heat exchanger.

    The most realistic design for a reactor in IC2 would be to add a cooling gauge similar to what build craft engines have. if the coolant is in there the reactor doesn't blow. It would also make sense to add a heat gauge similar again to what build craft engines have. And having a way to pipe the coolant to the reactor. that's the most realistic way to build a reactor with build craft.

    To be honest the heat plating an, coolant cells and IHD should all be built outside the reactor the only thing going in should be uranium.

    I think part of the issue is people forget what is practical for SMP vs SSP

    What ever the balance between A and B is valid if we all had cray super computers to run minecraft servers on.

    What is cool is versus what actually works is a big difference.

    Its like the upgraded solar panel argument, condense is the better word for it.

    Not to mention that Recyclers + Cobble Gen + Mass Fab = Exploit

    People are forced to make this crap because they feel the need to compete with either their ego or everyone else on the server.

    Everyone knows how to make a infinite cobble gen
    Everyone knows that you can turn anything into scrap randomly with more power
    Everyone knows that you can make a Mass Fab go faster with scrap

    Seriously why can't IC2 just get rid of the recycler and make a Normal Mass Fab like we have no with no scrap slot and a ADV version that operates at the rate of a Mass Fab with scrap but with the power requirements of mass fab plus a recycler. Then we wont have all the cobble jerks on all the servers slowing things down.

    I honestly dont know what the heck your talking about because i loaded this on my server last week and then used NEI to give myself the HV version when making a public terminal.

    you probably gave your self the block that doesn't do anything except crash the server if you grab it, also only ops have that power, when you install ADV machines there is one solar panel block that doesn't do anything and then there are 3 that are the ones from the mod.

    Edit: I just realized, you complain about an "impractical" recipe, then propose something to convert 216 eu/t and a ton of other materials into 50 eu/t. Hypocrite.

    Also, I would suggest 8making solars around a circuit gets 1 8eu/t solar, 8 of those around an adv circuit gets you a solar with 64the eu/t. That way, you only lose 8 circuits and 1 adv circuit.

    right because when i say "should be like" it "should be take" as "this is the way it is" right?

    no I said should be like as in it needs work as in its not my mod and needs refinement.

    My feed back was a better recipe was needed, the goal was to start conversation in finding a better recipe because everyone was just complaining that it was too expensive instead of offering suggestions.

    Again, if the recipe is impractical now one is going to build these when they can just make more normal panels for a cheaper recipe. The recipe for these panels should mostly be the panel itself, the point should really be to consolidate the equipment.

    The normal solar panels do 1 EU/t (13,050 EU/day)

    Advanced solar panels/upgraded what ever should be something like this

    Upgraded Solar Panel 5 EU/t (65,250 EU/day)
    Advanced Solar Panel 25 EU/t (326,250 EU/day)
    High Efficiency Solar Panel 50 EU/t (652,500 EU/day)

    A upgraded panel should be like 6 solar panels, a lv transformer, machine block and a electronic circut.
    a advanced panel should be like 6 upgraded panels a MV transformer, machine block and another electronic circut
    a HE solar panel should be like 6 advanced solar panels a HV transformer, advanced machine block and advanced circut.

    IC2 doesn't need new types of solar panels so we can replace nukes, it needs new types of solar panels so the guy with 5000 solar panels can turn those into 100 solar panels and not have to have a giant floating platform in the sky.

    and solar panels should NEVER work at night

    Hello all,

    This is my Test land world that i put all these contraption in. there is a reactor timing circut some where in it that has a safty override circut to ensure your timing phase is always in the startup mode.

    if you have problems using this world install the mods needed to get on industrial rage, i coped the folder over to that install and it works there.

    remember to read the signs i took the extra time to write information about if you want to tweak my design.

    snappybean download my test world, there is a 1 golem->5 chamber reactor design that is in perfect homestasis, its the only other working reactor in my test world.

    uhm minus the 4k eu/t gen complex i have some where.

    Normally this is true; flowing water landing on the top chamer will fan out in four directions, then those fan again in two, and then a floor will fill the last four spots. However I don't trust that and have backup sources of water. Make sure all your source blocks are outside of 5x5x5 centered on the core chamber.

    Yep i prefer this design over the 3x3x3

    I spent the last 3 hours battling a Bucket CASUC and i have to say this i just GREAT! I was in doubt, that using a Mob would be a good idea, but right now im just to fed up with this Bucket Casuc, that i really want to test this. You got a world save maybe?

    Yes ill post my test_land when i get home from lunch in a little bit with my configs for it, i play on the industrial rage server.

    I can get more than 1820 by removing ice blocks, how ever this is the only layout that gave me 1820 @ 4.33 eff and had a cool down of 4 seconds and could run more than 1 cycle or didn't require advanced redstone timeing.

    Also on the note of using a mob, you can put a inline item detector and wire that to a timer and toggle switch so that when the item detector sees a snowball go though it resets the timer, if the timer goes for more than say 30 seconds then it should kill the system, how ever you would also have to add a item detector to the ice delivery system to ensure ice is still going though.

    I have a 0 chamber SUC design with the singularity compressor being powered by the generator its feeding. if you look in this video you can see my 0 chamber suc is running in the back ground on the left.

    Why using garbage enchating? Why not make ice in a compresser (water cells->snowballs-> ice)

    What happens if you put a snow golem in nether? does it make snow poop on nether blocks?

    If you can make snow blocks in nether with a golem then use my CASUC design i just posted in the nuclear engineering section.


    If i had to choose between regular solar panels and these advanced ones i would go with the regular ones because they are cheaper, so much cheaper that i couldn't care less about any lag.

    Everyone is forgetting the fact that if the cool machines aren't balanced and reasonable then we just go with the old way and lag the server to hell, which means its worthless to SMP guys.

    Keep it simple 8 solar panels + a circut makes a upgraded panel, 8 upgraded panels + a advance circut = a advance panel, make each version do more power than the last but slightly less that if they had kept the original IE a upgrade panel does 5x the power output not 8x so there is some waste in the upgrade process.

    If its cool awsome, if its expensive and awsome no one uses it because its cheaper to have a array that is just a 3x3 chunk of the server wasting a bunch of space or lagging the server to hell.

    How about you let the server op configure the recipe? and power output. then on your server you can have one recipe and on mine i can have my own.

    I dont like all the tin you have to use to make those cooling cells, i dont like buckets of water because they waste inventory space.

    So i created a Snow Golem Powered CASUC, using RP2, IC2 and Advanced Machines i turn golem poo into ice blocks and force feed the reactor.

    I'm also taking advantage of RP overspill control and internal routing system the tubes use. This is a proof of concept for my MK2-9-SUC EA, It runs at 4.33 EFF and outputs 1820 EU/t, and it has a 4 second cool down every 9 cycles. The effective EU is 1819 EU/t The singularity compressors have a storage capacity of 16 snowballs and 64 ice blocks The personal chest has a capacity of 54x64 for a grand total of 3776 ice blocks stored in the current design. Plus or minus what ever the retriever can hold This system currently creates too much ice for the cooling needs of the reactor. Currently it produces about 12 blocks of ice a second. This is with a back log of snowballs and a whole bunch of extra tubes that increase the delivery time to the reactor.

    Video of the system in action:

    It should be noted that all those tubes aren't needed. you can place a block breaker on top of a singularity compressor and then place a retriver next to that and have it force feed your reactor directly. this means you would have 0 entities visually.

    Also you can place a Cross pattern of block breakers so there aimed at the center block the snow golem sits on and have those timed so there is a delay for the snow to be generated.

    In this video i never see the snow disappear, nor do i see the blockbreaker fire:

    you can see my mini suc in the back ground.

    just FYI cause i didn't see anyone mention it, i have been able to turn my reactor on/off with redpower connected to a chamber with a covered cable and then using shit+right to put a piece of red alloy wire. some times you have to break the covered wired and put the red alloy wire first cause it doesn't register. also it will block a colunm of water so you might as well using this as a lower access point.

    I really hope what ever changes do come allow greater creation of reactions that you can see before you open them up.

    I would really like the chambers to be built away from the core and connected with some type of line and given there own inventory. Then they can just transfer there heating/cooling/energy production to the core though some unifyed cable system. I also would like to be able to shut down the chambers indepenatly of the reactor core.

    just a example i made in my test land i would like a something like this to be functional, also then maybe the reactor wouldn't be limited to 1 core and 6 chambers but instead you could build power stations for say SMP servers.

    That way the core just deals with sending power out, then you could just load say the core with just fuel and just a chamber with cooling and use the heat exchanges to transfer heat too/from the hull

    Really awsome mod you have there

    I was just wondering if the block that lays down another block is compatible with blocks added by other mods? for example if you put one aimed at 1 block up and to the rear you could put your build craft pipes in that and have it lay the pipes on its way down.