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    The only problem I can see is people using the Transformer to allow unlimited power transition down tin cable to save on using Fibre cable or losing EU on EV Iron cable. Of course this can be counter acted my making the Transformer + 39 Tin cable cost more than a HV transformer and 39 Fibre Cable, thus making the Fibre option the better way in that case and the EV option still the cheapest

    Have you tried pressing Alt and then trying to wrench it (note: I don't mean hold Alt while wrenching, Press Alt and let go THEN wrench).

    Holding Alt while wrench makes it move the output side around randomly (like the RP screwdriver) and if you press Alt and tab to change window then minecraft will often act as if Alt in still held down when you go back to it (because it doesnt get the Alt released event). Pressing Alt will fix that issue

    As far as i know minecarts are entities when placed in the world, so i was wondering if the teleporter could be changed to make them also able to teleport minecarts around.

    This would make a really nice way of making teleporters able to move items arround, with chest carts, and give a fun mechanic for roller coasters or just saving track on that 1000 block line you have between stations :D

    For the spamatron, can we have the factory that produces solar panels stationary and the moving machine places tubes that deliver the solar panels to the deployers?

    I think the idea was the machine could produce and lay solar panels indefinably in a direction, with your idea the moving part chunks (or factory if u sat on the moving part) would eventually unload and then the whole machine would stop working. So it therefore could never work indefinably

    From the RedPower EAQ:

    This isn't something that could be done just as an "add-on" - you'd need to be able to modify IC2 base code (and you'd need to require RedPower Core). Feel free to browse this forum and see what's already been said in previous discussions on the topic.

    I don't think you quite understood what I meant,
    What I mean it to leave IC2 cables as they are, and add completely new objects that support the micro block code necessary to work with covers and function like they're equivalent cable types, so the add-on would require IC2 and RP2 while leaving IC2 free from dependencies and shouldn't require changing base code.
    I know you can add new cables ( the science mod does so) it just depends weather you can make new cables implement the RP2 jackets cable type code

    I don't know if this may have been suggested but,

    Would it be possible to make an add-on that introduced new cables based on the existing ones, that were jacketed exactly like the RP2 alloy wire is and then have them work with RP2 covers etc
    Jacketed copper cable, Jacketed Fibre Cable etc
    this way we get cables that can be covered without making the core of IC2 dependant on RP2

    I also wonder if this could be put into IC2 proper and have them only available is RP2 is present

    Thanks for reading ^_^