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    Are iron veins always that hard to find? Read FTB wiki and all, and it said that in between Magnetite veins, there're some, but after poking around the Magnetite deposits and all, I haven't found a single ore, even the small ones. I found some banded ones, and someone here told me that Yellow and Brown Limonite ores are native iron, but how do I process them to be one? Sorry for being such a noob. Still learning (and actually having fun) with the mod, so I apologize.

    Oh my goodness, I love your textures, man. Those detailed item icons are freakin' awesome! I wish you could've altered IC2 processing machines, though, but still, you're freakin' awesome. If I can request, I suggest you do TiCon. But that'd mean lots of textures, right, lots of work? How about Forestry Machines? Either way, good job, man. You're awesome.

    Or maybe the fact that iron ore is gray? If this doesnt happen with other ores then I dont see a reeeeeal problem.

    Now looking at it closely, you're actually right. Silly me. >.< But if it's an ore, shouldn't it be at least in a smooth stone form? Coz I've been looking around for those goddarn iron ores, found banded ones with limonite and malachite, which from what I know are signs of iron ore deposits, but I can't find one. Should I poke around and all? (what a waste of pick)

    I don't know if I'm in the right thread for this, but I am here to report a texture issue regarding the iron ore. Does it normally look like this? (see attached image) I'm using the latest GregTech version, and I'm not so sure if this has been reported already, so yeah. Immediate help is greatly appreciated.

    If you guys need anything to fix this, feel free, but just to give you a heads up, I'm playing on a single player test world with nothing but GregTech, IC2, Thaumcraft, Metallurgy, NEI, WAILA, Optifine, Fastcraft, Harvestcraft, Fast Leaf Decay and Inventory tweaks.