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    Cabbage - Tier I
    -Plant seeds and it grows into a melon shaped block, but without vine.
    -Harvest makes one cabbage plant and one seed
    -Edible with food attributes of a melon slice

    Head Cabbage- Tier II
    -Combine Rotten Flesh and Cabbage seeds to make Head Cabbage seeds
    -Harvest makes one head cabbage seed and one rotten flesh
    -Grows in same light conditions as mushrooms
    -Looks like a brain inside a few leaves
    -Attracts Zombies

    Greenlight Grass- Tier II
    -Looks like normal grass except it gives off a faint green glow, maybe only a block or two
    -Occurs naturally and looks exactly like normal grass until the sun goes down

    Switchgrass- Tier III
    -Taller than normal grass
    -Easy to move through, hard to see through
    -Harvest produces chances of seeds and grass bale (like wheat)
    -Grass Bales used to make plant clumps for biofuel

    Cotton- Tier III
    -Plant grows like a melon stalk
    -When mature, will have Cotton Boll on top of stalk
    -Harvest for random number of seeds and Cotton Bolls
    -Combine 9 Cotton Bolls to make a Cotton Bale
    -Cotton bales used as a substitute to Wool

    Sorta like reality, nuclear is cheaper than solar for large scale electricity production. Takes less space and works all the time too, just takes more infrastructure and a more educated operations team.

    Want to make nuke more expensive? Leave the reactor alone and have a centrifuge machine for enriching the initial ore. Advanced machine and requires MV power to run, and takes awhile to enrich the ore. Maybe add a dedicated storage chest type with water included to store enriched and depleted cells.

    Not just wire, but multiple circuits using the same block. Since colored wire is going to be available you could have a trunk line that carries four separate circuits. Two opposite sides of the block transfer all the EU along the trunk line, and each of the remaining sides has a separate color (ex red, blue, green, yellow) Attach red wire to the red side at one point of the trunk, and red to the red side further down the trunk for a dedicated point to point circuit. Activate doors and pistons near each other remotely from a control room while taking up 1/4 of the space for wiring. Set generators in remote locations and dedicate power to specific operations while operating several doors from a single switch using the same trunk wire.

    Or, have the ability for super advanced machines in the future that are 3-phase. Red/blue/yellow are 'hot' wires and green is a ground wire. Green has to be attached to an iron block surrounded by dirt on three sides and each of the other colors has to be powered by a separate power source. This could also be a way of making HV. Hv could be 3-phase and has to go into a transformer (four inputs to one low voltage output) before it can be used in low voltage machines.

    Could be built like:

    B Ru R
    Bu Ru G = 6 Cables
    Y Ru B
    B=black wire, Bu=blue wire, Ru=rubber, Y=yellow wire, G=green wire

    Place the block and then right-click on one side to set the output. This way you're not limited to them only working vertical or horizontal.

    This could be a lot like a PLC. A CPU block controlling various input and output blocks. I/O blocks each have an identifier tag and the CPU is programmed using these tags. I could see this being really cool if there are machine in the future that do things beyond transforming blocks into different states (fuel to energy, ore to dust, dust to ingot, etc).

    If you had a generator to miner to conveyor to cart setup you could automate with a PLC. Generator powers the miner and conveyor, when an ore block is mined the conveyor activates to transfers it to the conveyor which transports it to the minecart. When the cart is full the power rail is activated sending the cart to wherever you're sending it to. Set up the machinery, program it, and walk away until you hit bedrock.

    Similar set up could be a geo-generator hooked to a miner and lava pool. PLC reads the state of an MFE/MFSU, when the storage unit is full it stops the miner from pumping lava. Use energy from the storage unit and drop to a programmed set point (say half capacity) and the PLC starts the miner up again until the MFE full.

    Might be adding too much complexity, but what about different sizes/gauge of wire for different voltages. Use a small gauge wire for HV and your wires burn. HV wire for low voltage still works though.

    Copper would have to be craftable into a refined block first, then one block with six rubber for insulator as usual.

    c c c
    c c c = C
    c c c
    c=copper ingot, C=Copper block

    R _ R
    R C R = HV wire
    R _ R
    R= Rubber, C= Copper block

    Armored wire; similar to what is used for high tension lines and oil exploration IRL. Once a wire block is placed it takes an axe to remove it and gains a lot of damage resistance to explosions.

    i W i
    i W i = 3 Armor wire
    i W i
    i= iron ingot, W= any wire

    Weather control could work like beamed energy and have a receiver and an area effect. Right-click the weather control rocket on the desired receiver before launch, launch the rocket, place the desired weather effect in the receiver to activate. Bucket of water for rain, snowball, or a block of sand to stop rain/snow. The change would effect a ten block radius for a minute or two.

    As for being hard to code, Edison said it best; Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.

    Kind of a spin-off of the GPS ideas.

    A two part machine to launch satellites into orbit. First part would be to build a launchpad machine. Second part would be to build one time use payload capable rockets to launch from the launchpad.

    Uses: Satellite for GPS as mentioned in another thread. Orbital microwave energy collector that links to a ground based collector (full time solar generator). Kinetic strip miner: launch a rock with a guidance system, place remote target, fire the kinetic round from space with a remote like dynamite. All this for a big hole in the ground. Weather satellite; stage one gives time warning to weather changes, stage two allows you to control the weather. Plus whatever else seems useful to stick into orbit. Or how about a trip to the moon as another form of the Nether. (you did remember to build another launchpad and shuttle rocket before you went to the moon didn't you?)

    Thoughts: Launchpad could be fairly simple and cheap to build. Rockets...not so much. Rocket are built in stages; propulsion, payload, and guidance. Each one is basically an advanced machine built separately, then assembled for launch. Place the assembled rocket into the launcher and fire remotely. At launch, a controlled blast (say 1 high by 3 wide centered on the launcher) will clear anything near the launcher.