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    I've found that "elitist" is a term only used by people who don't like the fact that they're not as smart as other people. See, someone who has some common sense and makes a little bit of effort finds the answers are already there to be had. It's the lazy, the ignorant, and the self-entitled who just waltz in and ask the same question that's been answered over and over rather than taking a moment to do some research. Basically, that's an attitude that says "My time is more valuable than yours, and I can't be bothered, so you do it for me". Want to tell me why it's wrong to feel I'm better than that?

    I'll point out that fully half of all people have an IQ of 100 or less - so it's simply a statistical fact to say "Most people are stupid". If it makes me "elitist" to say so, I'll note that at least I'm in better company.

    I really couldn't have said it better myself. Although, of course, the 'non-elitists' out there will completely refute your point.

    In regards to the IQ point, less than 4% of the worlds population have an IQ above 130, which isn't even super-genius. 'Genius' is considered to be around the 150 bracket. I'll point out here that the national average in the UK is about 110. In the US it's about 100 and in developed parts of Asia, it's about 120. So the point that 'most people' are stupid could be expanded to 'the vast majority of people' are stupid. Doesn't mean you should treat everyone as if they're stupid, but frankly, you get sick of dumbing stuff down for people after a time.


    Yeah it's frustrating to say the same thing over and over. But if you thing just banning people is going to change that you are mistaken. But if you spend a bit of effort to explain why It's a pain to update things people might start to educate others. Most the time not but 1 in 20 will.

    So it's worth putting up with 19 out of 20 idiots to teach the other one how to do it right? I'm sorry, but I'd rather remove and then blend my own eyeballs while they're still attached. This rule has been in place for months. Long before IC2 was even released. There were no complaints about it before and it worked just fine. Out of the many hundreds (or even thousands) of people that play IC2, there are literally less than 0.1% of that number complaining about 'the rule'. And btw, banning them has worked fine up until now....

    I havn't had time to play with it yet, but I'm gathering from this thread that there arn't that many SSP bugs, the problems are all cropping up in SMP. Now I'm not one for pushing faster release dates, but in this situation, it might be worthwhile pushing a SSP release. After all, a great many of our players are SSP only.

    Just a suggestion. I'm not sure if this would cause any problems with updating from an SSP to an SMP compatible release.

    Just thought I'd note that with EE, it takes 512 cobble iirc to make 1 diamond.

    In IC2, using a recycler, you need 9 UUM, which is 9 scrap x 9 for one UUM. Because the average on a recycler is about 20%, you go ~405 cobble -> 81 scrap -> 9 UUM -> 1 diamond. So you actually need less cobble in IC2 than in EE to make 1 diamond. Although you have to add in the power requirement for all that scrap, it's still noteworthy. I do agree however, that the mass converters and stuff in EE are a little overpowered. I easily 'completed' EE in about 5 hours by doing a little mining, then AFKing using the upgrading machines. Felt like I might as well have been using TMI after a while.

    The sounds arn't all there yet, as has already been said. The sounds are of a lower priority than the major features of the mod and there are still some forge hooks required to get the tool sounds such as the ones you've mentioned, working like we want them too.

    It's also partly to do with my laziness. Don't worry, they will be included soon. :D

    If it were just one person, that might be a valid point. But it's not - it's common and it's recurring!
    Even if it's only a small portion of the populace, the damage they can do is disproportionately large.

    And natural selection no longer applies to Mankind. Our greatest sin is that we overcame it. We put labels on hairdryers saying "Do not use while in shower" - the only purpose of this is to preserve the lives of the terminally stupid.
    This means that stupid people survive long enough to breed, to pass on their traits to their offspring, and to make reality television shows.

    I've been saying for years that we need a good Zombie holocaust to sort out the stupid and the fatties. Then we'll see what survival of the fittest is all about. And before I get critiques for 'judging' everyone, I work with the general public, so I've got plenty of first hand experience. It's not all cynicism.


    To drop in an old cliché. If you hate so many things about the game, why the hell are you playing it? I still don't get this sense of entitlement that everyone has towards developers. The dev team don't get paid for this, hell, we don't even get thanks half the time. The work you recieve and play is given freely, yet you seem to pick holes in every little thing that YOU don't like. Well mate, it's really not about what YOU like as an individual, it's about what most people like. Really, it's about what the dev team want to do with the game and no one else has a say. At the beginning of the thread, it seemed there was an element of sense in what you were arguing, but it seems that you are just playing devils advocate and are entirely committed to 'winning' this argument and get some sort of concession. You may be in the right to complain to professional development companies with a payroll and lots of devs, but this a 7 man team ffs. The team do this for the thanks they get and their love of the game and the people that play it, but frankly, sometimes the lack of gratitude just isn't worth the damn effort.

    And for the record, your entire problem could be solved by writing your own addon rather than complaining about the changes that have been made. That's what the other members of the forum have done for things such as the wrench rate. You've got the power to do something about it, stop bitching and get on with it.

    Soz, been following this thread for a few days and I can't be arsed anymore.


    Hypothetical? He closed the minecraft topic and bans anyone who ask's about an update. Sure I'm sure its a pain to update, but also because the all the lastest pages are just people who do what I just described.
    Unless you need me to link the topic here or something.

    Take a look at your local government and tell me if every one of their policies is "fair" or "logical". The rules are written by the ones in power. If you don't like it, tough. I'm not being an ass here, that's how life is. I'll just point a finger at the current pension fiasco in the UK to give an example of this. Tell me how that's fair...

    To quote the great Albert Einstein:- "Only 2 things are infinite: The Universe and human stupidity"

    Epic failure... have you sir been paying attention to the conversation? People are complaining about Redower in this thread and you simpy say use the RP features? fail.

    For a start, I believe it's one person that's complaining about 1 feature of RP. Now, regardless of that, your comment adds nothing to this thread and is needlessly critical of another user. Learn some bloody manners.

    Might help to use your brain a bit too, as Gorni's comment is unrelated to the OP and is perfectly relevant to the person he was replying to. Grow the hell up.

    Can't use it with the mining laser.

    In the next patch, you'll be able to use it with the electric wrench though. It was a simple oversight. :)

    For example, only one copper ore as opposed to the 2 copper ores, one for IC and one for Elo's mods)

    It was mentioned in Elo's blog that the forge team are working on a combined Forge Ore Repository, where mods that use the same ores (copper, tin, etc) will be able to draw from the same blockID. This addresses the above issue. That's all I know about it though. Pretty sure it's not finished yet.

    For water, use a pump. That's what it's for...

    For lava, well, it's slow. You can use a pump and replace the block of lava underneath every time it's pumped, but it would be quicker to just do it with the one at a time method. I would like to see the IC2 pump act more like the BC pump, which draws liquids from farther away that the block just below it. It would make the machine a LOT more useful, and a little more realistic.

    Well, redstone only does an incredibly basic function. On or Off. Even the "basic" functions in the electrochips are far greater than anything redstone offers. Not to mention that fact that people have constructed working PCs with redstone including modems, GPU, Ram, the works. I think Alb is underestimating his own creation here. ;)