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    You sir, are epic. 8)

    Thank you very much :)

    It worked very well, some funny stuff like my cable obscuratator turning into a paintbrush and my crystal chargers disappearing but other than that it worked as advertised.

    I would suggest you provide instruction on how to use it for the less computer skilled or even better a GUI but hey, it works lol :D

    Here is a mini-instruction guide for you to use if you want

    Step 1: Backup your save
    Step 2: Backup your save's backup (Seriously back it up)
    Step 3: Copy your save folder to the folder with the "IndustrialUpgrade.exe" file
    Step 4: Open up a command prompt window (click Start>Run, then type in cmd and press enter)
    Step 5: Navigate to the IndustrialUpgrade.exe file
    Step 6: Type in the following exactly: IndustrialUpgrade.exe "[Your world name]" NOTE: be sure to put your world name in quotes or it might not work. For example, I typed in (IndustrialUpgrade.exe "Somebody's Lets Play")

    If Sucessful it will start going through your world chunk by chunk the bigger your world the longer this will take but eventually it will pause on "Saving..." then return to the command prompt.

    Once it does this continue to step 7.

    Step 7: Copy your world back to your saves folder NOTE: Make sure to overwrite the old files with the newly modified files.
    Step 8: Close all windows and start up minecraft like normal.
    Step 9: Go through your world and see what has changed and what has stayed the same.

    Enjoy 8)

    So yeah I think machines that need to be rotated (batboxes, transformers, etc.) should have a GUI button that you can click to change its direction, because using the wrench doesn't work very well when you are trying to rotate it to face down and there is a block beneath it.

    EDIT: Another idea would be to make is so that when you shift-right-click the batbox (etc.) with a wrench it makes it face away from the player instead of toward the player.

    That's definitely a bug... Full Quantum suit, heck, even full nanosuit is meant to absorb ALL damage.
    Gotta review the armor code. Thanks for testing.

    So if I'm understanding this right, the nanosuit absorbs all damage only, the quantum suit absorbs all damage and gives the other bonuses as well. Right?

    And you're welcome :) Thank you for making this mod in the first place :thumbup:

    For those who are interested here is a comparison

    Helmet - no noticed changes (Passive effect refills breath under water.)
    Chest - damage reduction has been reduced from 100% (IC1) to 33% (IC2). Fire immunity is unchanged.
    Legs - now are usable underwater (Active effect (hold L Ctrl by default) makes you run faster)
    Boots - Fall damage distance has been shortened. Also are usable underwater (Active effect (hold L Ctrl by default) makes you jump higher).

    Edit: Vid Proof

    I am curious about this because Alblaka said on his blog that:

    "Tier 3 armor will be highly advanced, even more overpowered then the NanoSuit and REEEEEEEEEEALLY expensive… as it is made of [iridium], which can only be created from UUM."

    I find this annoying because without the invincibility I won't be able to go swimming in the Nether :(

    Fortunately I have already finished my Nether tower... but still.

    Edit: turns out its a bug. Yay!

    Copied from his Blog:

    Release is scheduled for Monday/Tuesday.
    As the blog is currently bugged (apparently a certain unnamed person attempted to fix a different bug and kinda messed something up), the release will only be public’d in the forum.. gl discovering it ^^

    that schould answer your questions :)

    Actually it raises another question, which forum?

    It also does not answer why it says its in green at the top of this page.

    I could be wrong but I suspect its an internal release.
    On Alblaka said on his blog's status update thing "Test o.o"
    Other than that Alblaka and Feanturi have not made any posts about it anywhere.