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    Hey Chocohead,

    I want to thank you for taking the time to try and find a solution for this.

    However, I'm having trouble with the fixes you suggest.

    The first one, doesn't work.

    Am I doing it wrong?

    My steps:
    Extract item recipes ini into a folder called "ic2" in the "config" folder in the base of the server installation.
    Add the lines to the bottom of the file.
    Recipes are still not accounting for the :1.

    The third one, I also cannot get to work... I get a forge error saying that it couldn't detect the version of the mod because it says "any" for the version.

    Am I doing it wrong?

    I will try the second one now. But any tips on why the others aren't working so far?


    Hello, I'm having an issue with GraviSuite.

    I am unable to change modes with any GraviSuite tool, such as the GraviTool, and I can't activate hover mode.

    I'm using the 1.7.10 Pack, but the owner has led me here saying it's something he can't help with.

    I've set the IC2 Mode button to different keys trying to get it to work, but it does not.

    What I've been pressing for the Advanced NanoSuite - Modekey + Jump -- nothing happens
    What I've been pressing for the GraviTool - Modekey + Right Click -- Nothing happens

    I've read that Railcraft conflicts with the M key, but I've changed it to all different things.

    The Fly key works fine, just not the mode key. Any help?

    Edit: I want to specify, the IC2 mode key works with IC2 items, but not GraviSuite items.