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    There is no Admin on right now so i just thought of submitting this.

    At aprox. 9:55Pm US. Central time Assassin2134 was wondering around in my city's cable system that runs underground and i asked him to get out and he refused and i told him 3 more times then he still refused then i said if anything ends up missing i will have a admin/mod look into it then a minute later he started destroying power lines at Matter0464's home(inside the tunnel) then he left and he went and greifed Zippinus's home and destroyed all of his chests (i retreived all of the items in the home that i could that were still there and placed them into chests) then he went tward the reactor (witch is protected) and started hitting the blocks and went to the message board and destroyed3 machines that were there and i do not know where else he went after that. After that "he" got back on and said his friend had done the greifing but ether way that is unacceptable TScudder and a few others think he should be banned for his actions but it is not our desision but yours.

    I have screenshots of him greifing and of the damages. If you can please get a moderator that is on during the US/Canada time zones so that this could not happen again.

    Moderator Application

    IGN: cdog11194
    Age: 17
    I want to be a moderator to keep people in line and reduce the risks of greifing and help people out how i can with what i know and without giving them anything. I also know a bit about industrial craft and Build craft i know how to make a good power supply system automatic furnace smelting systems or if u don't want a smelting system i can hook anything up to it like a compressor or recycler i usually use the buildcraft engiens and pipes to make them.

    Timezone: (UTC-6:00) Central time (U.S. and Canada)
    I live in The United States.

    Private Message me if you need to contact me threw email i also have skype.

    Edit: When school starts again i will be on from around 3:30Pm Ctrl time to 11:00Pm untill thin i am on from around 12:00Pm to maby 1:00am or later.

    ALL of my chests exploded and left me with nothing but holes in my house...Wtf man?

    3 sets of my chests did to and it had to be done with a laser miner thing because there was a hole exactly like a lasor would make and i lost half of my stuff from it. when i got there i say someone at my back door and it was a dude that started with a B and he used a switch and came into my house and after gave me 4 diamonds but i think it was him that done it.

    Edit: it was Bohdan at my back door