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    I honestly use the default gui's myself, most of the HD ones make it extremely hard to see. It also looks really out of place when you don't have a texture for one which happens a lot when you have 20+ mods.

    I agree the armor and creatures are a pain though. I tried a few armors myself, didn't end well. Yours are still 10x better then what I can do. :)

    BTW I'm starting to add a bunch of the new ones to my pack tonight, I'll let ya know what I think when I get them in game. (Might take a few screenies too)

    Edit: My main pack is still KDstudios, but I switched most of my mod stuff to yours. (The water is yours too) There are a few things I still want to change but overall I'm extremely happy with it. Little album of screenshots, sorry they aren't all of your pack:

    I'll admit that I'm not a huge fan of the armor textures (though I haven't seen them ingame yet) but the rest looks awesome. The blocks and items look really nice. We have about 50 condenser chests laying around the base so I'm glad to see the chest textures came out great too!

    And I have no opinion yet on the IC texture thing as I'm honestly still using mostly the Soartex ones mixed with a lot of Sphax's items. I did however just split the pack I use into a x64 and a x128 so I will probably switch the x128 over to yours in the future.

    I also wanted to thank you again for all these textures. You've made at least 1 person very happy. :D

    Wow, just wow...

    The BC ones look great. I will probably end up using most, if not all of them. I really like the look of the machines/engines. Can't wait to see them in game.

    Also, your awesome for doing the EE ones. Sphax is the only other 128x for EE and I'm not a huge fan of the comic book style. These look like they will fit in MUCH better with the pack I use. (love the relays and collectors!)

    I have no idea how you can make such nice textures so fast. It takes me that long just to copy-paste packs together. :)

    I hate to add to the rampant complaining in this thread but even I mostly wanted this mod to avoid using upgrades...

    I do thank you both (pwnedgod and stryker) for trying to keep this mod updated but I'll wait for a fixed version with the original machines.

    pwnedgod - The same gui issues that were preventing people from using zip's version. You can't pickup items in SMP with the gui open, thus making the machines almost worthless. I also was still getting it with the last version of yours I tried along with a few other issues, mostly with the textures.

    I'm having problems charging the benches also. Was using lapatrons in a mk3. It's only when you are charging items in the bench with the crystal in the left slot.

    They charge and discharge from the other 12 slots just fine so it really isn't a big problem.

    On SMP using IC 1.71 (I think it happened in 1.70 also) and forge 1.3.3 along with a slew of other mods/addons.

    BTW our little server loves this mod, it's probably our favorite addon for IC2. Thanks for keeping it around. :)

    It still won't let me place anything in the guis, shift-clicking is still producing strange effects. Redstone still does nothing, nor does levers directly on top of them.

    Tried with 1.70b and 1.71. No difference.

    EDIT: SMP of coarse

    EDIT 2: Also noticed they still accept the new sprite sheet but I didn't see any sprites in the zips. Just thought it was kinda strange and worth mentioning.

    It's the same config as the old one it seems, if you move or delete your old AM config it will recreate the new one which is different. The block id is with the gui ids, not under blocks...

    Not sure if the old one would even work without editing it or if this one even works yet. Still figuring it out myself.

    This thread was created because of the other one...

    And I agree this should be added to base IC.

    I also think Geos, wind, water, and even the nuke should receive similar treatment though I understand that is asking a lot.

    I would also like another use for all that energy but now that's probably asking too much. ;)

    I just read about 20-30 pages back in the original thread. I've been looking for a good forge ore mod and the future looks bright for this one.

    My only concern now is it's actual usefulness with IC/RP/BC. The new ores are mostly for tools and armor which are already replaced by other items.
    Armor = Quantum suit, Pickaxe/Shovel = Miners/Quarries/Lasers/Drills, Sword = Nano Saber, Hoe = RP scythes/Electric Hoe.
    On our server only axes are used in large amounts due to not having forestry (we use Terraria Trees instead). We could just use chainsaws, but then what would we do with the stacks of leftover RP gemstones?

    On a side note: How will RP gemstones compare with the whole diamond change?

    The upcoming "modern" ores sound interesting but are there any plans of further uses for any of the metals other than tools/armor/coins/rails? Like more IC uses for example? (Like Inconel can be used in place of Advance Alloys)

    Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to add the mod as I can always make up custom recipes (with NEI) and it's just plain EPIC. I'm just excited and curious.

    I recant the geo generator statement, Fenix is correct, they both do 20. I though there was another difference but I could be wrong and since the MC forum is down I can't check right now. Either way the mkIIs could also be changed now to make them useful again.The geo example was bad but the point still stands. Why would I use only 1 conversion mod when 2 can do it better?

    He didn't ask to post it, I get that. It was pulled because he didn't ask, I get that. The real debate is why he wouldn't be given permission now to do so. (or anybody really)

    I also don't want to wait for her conversion like we have waited for her to add chicken bone's hooks for wireless redstone. If that's the case we may not get the ability to do so for a while, WRCBE is still on 1.8 beta. Nothing against her, she just has a lot on her plate here and a 3rd party conversion mod wouldn't effect her plans anyway. The geo generator thing proves that, they are appearently obsolete now, but how did that damage IC?

    This discusion is more about her than IC related. Might be better to bring it over to her thread/blog...

    Edit: Alb beat me too it lol.