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    I prefer to do things manually - I've got jar files going back to something like 1.6 (both modded and unmodded) and I had more, but I lost them in a hard drive failure. No, the thing is that I haven't been interested in 1.3 (or, in fact, any vanilla Minecraft update) - it's only the mods that I care about. Perhaps more to the point, I've just found out that things are going to be extremely busy this week and probably won't get a chance to even look at coding until the weekend. Updates are going to have to wait, I'm afraid.

    Also, I run Linux, so that particular link wouldn't be much use to me :D

    Multi MC works on linux (Or you could use Wine, But im not judging)
    P.S.-Dont mind the link i just was making it so you dont have to scroll!

    Its because Compact Solars got a problem with FML (it basicly says: Hi im Compact solars with version {for FML unreadable stuff here})
    and then FML says, ok your now (FML gets this out of the context)
    And the error happens when FML tries to get the version AGAIN, but fails and says: your now version 1.0

    So i couldnt tell but is my error the same?

    (I Cut out some so i would have enough room, Besides from the irreverence of it)

    So after posting and never paying any attention again, my idea(In only text, cause images hate me) is to have the real armor show only the armor status thing, But only with the Q helmet (or Nano, You choose) for aesthetic purposes....Love or Hate, If I wasn't such a lazy ass person, i would modify your classes to do such!

    Let me know on your thoughts.

    I was thinking that your mod could use your skin and then the armor instead of the flat pane of ugly (sorry for the opinion). So it would get the User's skin then render it at a certain angle, Then apply the "armor layer" at the same angle.

    For Example:

    Then For another example(with Full quantum(note its a little messed up because i set it as my actual skin))

    Let me know what you think!

    PS if the images aren't working just right click and Copy Image URL.

    just figured id post my reactor design

    its 130 eu/t (duh) so its a total of 26,000,000 eu/t

    (i know it cant finish a full cycle)

    (edit) its also a Mark IV EC,
    102.28 sec for it to fulfil its 26,000,000 eu/t
    98.35 sec to cool down
    efficiancy is 2.60

    this one cant finish a cycle

    but this one can

    its mark-II-2 EC
    active eu/t is: 100 eu/t = 20,000,000 total eu/t
    effective eu/t: 76.17eu/t
    it can finish 2.68 cycles