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    Haven't had such problems yet, but isn't it possible to place the wire, CF it, dry it, THEN place the machine w/o interacting?
    Or does that cable drill its way through the hardened CF anyway? :P

    It still goes through - it's how I add on additional Solar Panels to my array.

    +1 for compactness.

    You can make a bit of a broad guess based on how "worn" the coolant parts are, but if you want accuracy, you'll need a thermometer addon (check the Addons section, naturally). If you're going to be heating your reactor (to breed or somesuch), just don't dump all the Lava in at once - it'll take a bit of time to disperse the heat throughout the system.

    You can right-click a water source block with the Cell, and it should fill up. If you have an IC Pump, you can put it above a renewable water source, stick Cells in there, and put a Chest next to it.

    If you don't particularly care about the filled state of your storage units, you can hook up a Detector-Splitter setup - put a Detector Cable after the MassFab but before all other machines, and redstone the cable either to the MassFab itself or to a Splitter Cable hooked up to the MassFab. In this case, as long as you aren't using the other machines in any capacity (including Induction Furnace warming), the Mass Fabricator will take the power instead. The second you start to draw power to machines, the MassFab will stop functioning until the other machines stop drawing.

    If you absolutely need burst energy, you can always stick a storage unit between the Detector and the MassFab.

    You can also hybrid the cables. Like use 5 EV cables then 1 glass fiber cable. then 5 more EV then 1 glass fiber.

    That really only works to a point, because it's still expensive to make the necessary glass fibre cable - and sending HV through the HV cables loses around four times the EU compared to upstepping to EV and sending it all along HV cable (Glass fibre cannot send EV). If you need to make more than, say, eight Glass fibre cables (total length 53 with your example), then it's better to step up the voltage.

    can i use the Adjustable Electric Engine for Refinery? I'm nervous coz it might explode lol. Also, what is the required MJ/t for the refinery in order to work properly and efficiently?

    Yes, Adjustable Electric Engines can be hooked up to Refineries. It won't explode if you accidentally give it maximum output, but it will waste a crapton of energy. I'm not sure on how much MJ/t is required to get the Refinery full spped, largely because I'm getting it green with as little as 6 MJ/t according to the GUI (admittedly, after some waiting time), and I'm (pretty) sure that's not right. The Fast Electric Engine outputs 10 MJ/t, which is enough for full speed immediately.

    I figure the Refinery expends 5 MJ/t, so the extra MJ/t goes to the buffer.

    Why does the mod need Builders, anyway?

    So if fuel is 25/eu if I'm doing my math right it's about 7 hours per bucket of fuel?

    Actually, no. There's more than one tick per second, and extrapolating from the Nuclear tutorial:

    Quote from Albaka

    Uranium Cells are, trivially, the part producing the energy. Each uranium cell lasts quite long, 200000 ticks to be exact. This is approximately a length of 160 minutes, in effect 8 full Minecraft Days.

    It takes 25000 ticks to burn Fuel, or 1/8 that of Uranium in a :Reactor:, so only about 20 minutes or one Minecraft day.

    Here's the thing, though: Solar Arrays costs the exact same as you're getting output for, with the LV/MV/HV Transformers acting in place of all the Tin and other Transformers you'd be otherwise burning to link the Panels to a storage unit or machine. They're meant to be efficient in terms of space, not actually improved in terms of EU output.

    1 Panel outputs 1 EU/t, so one LV Array (composed of eight Panels) output 8 EU/t. One MV Array is composed of eight LV arrays, or 64 Panels, which output 64 EU/t. The HV Array is composed of eight MV arrays, or 512 Panels, so output's 512 EU/t.

    The primary benefit to using Arrays is that you don't have to waste quite so much in wiring all that mess - 512 Solar Panels waste quite a large amount of Tin just to get things all hooked up, and that's not counting additional supporting infrastructure (BatBox, more LV/MV Transformers). A single HV Array could be slapped straight onto an MFSU. For those of us who have to use Optifine just to run at a decent clip, this also greatly reduces lag produced by solar power.

    Then again, if you're the kind of person who builds 512 Solar Panels, you might not mind the material costs.

    The HV Solar Array is so awesome, but insanely costly. If you can make it without cheating one in, you deserve every single EU.

    512 Solar Panels
    8 LV Transformers
    8 MV Transformers
    1 HV Transformer


    6,702 Rubber (!!!!)
    5,193 Iron (!!!!!!!)
    4,096 Cobblestone
    3,375 Copper (!!!!!!)
    3,082 Redstone (!!!!!)
    2,048 Tin (!!)
    1,536 Sand
    1,536 Coal (!)
    8 Wood
    1 Diamond

    Just mind the fact that if you attach the Pump adjacent to the Geothermal Generator, the Pump will prioritize the generator over filling up cells, which may make it a bit rough when your Geothermal Generator is full up with energy.

    And that's why i have never used them. Damn sound lag spikes !

    Better than general lag spikes from Solar if you have a bad computer. I could barely do anything with just four of them working outside. I actually use both Water and Wind, but my main power is linked to Wind. Ironically enough, I use Water Mills to farm water in the form of snow.