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    Hi everyone!

    I have made reactor design planner for nuclear and fluid reactors of Industrial Craft 2 Experimental for Android.
    You can find it in Play Market searching IC2 Planner or with link…s?id=com.sun40.ic2planner

    It supports scheme code from desktop versions of planner: IC2 Experimental Reactor Planner and older Talonfiremage IC2 Planner.

    Here is some app features:

    • Simply paste or copy scheme codes from import and export tabs. Moreover you can open links to Talonfiremage IC2 Planner from you android browser via IC2 Planner application.
    • Save reactor design to your schemes and use them later or you can open default schemes to use them.
    • Save reactor design as image or send it to your friend or forum.
    • Simply scan QR code from shared image to load scheme.
    • Generate QR code in export tab to quickly share scheme with friend.
    • Calculate how much resources you need to craft your scheme.
    • Turn on GregTech items support in ToolBox tab.
    • Long tap on reactor component to get item info when you are editing your scheme.
    • Press C button on ToolBox tab to clean reactor grid.
    • Switch to landscape to scale reactor grid (phones only).
    • No Ads and other boring stuff.

    Here is some examples (images are compressed):

    Sharing image (full size)

    Thanks! Waiting for your feedback (on Play Market too ^^ )