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    I couldn't find a block flinger using the search function. My bad. Is it really intended that I walk around with a roller and dye for every color instead of using one roller with different dyes? That seems like way too much storage/inventory space for all the rollers.

    Correct me (please) if I'm wrong, but currently, you can't remove the dye off of a paint roller. Can that be changed by allowing them to be crafted with a new dye before they run out completely? If this would over complicate the recipes, could we use sand to "soak" the dye off the roller to yield a clean roller and the same block of sand?

    Also, any chance of adding an electric (or other source) powered tool to shoot blocks and items onto the world? Primary use would likely be torching at range, but it could also be used to feed animals, sow crops, fling dynamite, and build very, very ugly buildings. Would also make nether bridge work a lot safer depending on how early such an item could be crafted.

    Although not a new suggestion (I know how to use search function), I'd also like to know if there's any intention of adding an altitude lock option for the jetpack while holding sneak.

    I play on a small SMP server with a close gaming friend who hosts for us, and I cannot get the magnetizer to do anything. It won't accelerate me and it won't draw power. I've tried using bronze boots, and I've tried using fresh iron boots (on the offchance that a damage value could cause trouble). I have made sure I'm well under the 20 block operation limit, and I've used both a solar panel and a charged batbox as power sources. I've used copper cabling. I've right clicked the iron fences after assembling and "powering" the magnetizer, as was suggested by Alblaka in one of the threads I found searching for a solution.

    We are running current versions of RP2, IC2, Smart Moving, and Railcraft as of less than 7 days ago. I've wondered if Smart Moving could have caused it, but the player has the option to disable it (which I also did) and that didn't help either.

    Given all that information, is there a known fix?

    Thank You