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    im 99% sure this is the bug, if you are going to use a flatificator terra former to bring land downwards to make it flat (not sure about raising it) it wont flatten the land that has the new long grass on it, do you end up with something looking like this -…86f7766b0d5049601006g.jpg

    hope this helps :)

    also on a side note, i dont know if this is a bug or not, but the chilling terraformers work EXTREMELY slowly, as in i have 5 of them working and its taken over 8 minecraft days to make approx 5% of the land into snow..... not sure why :P

    is it viable, or would other people want luminators to be changed slightly, to have a larger radius of light coming from them?
    ive been playing around with them and they are not much different lightwise from normal torches, and i love the idea of having much better lights and setting up complex wiring systems through my base to power them with the most efficiency, just its a bit saddening that i have to use 5 to light one 7x7ish room to the safe effect as a bunch of torches.
    would be cool if their light radius could be made larger, maybe with a greater power usage, taking this further would be to make a new kind of illuminator maybe, made out of glowstone and glass or something, that has the same system for brightening (10eu/s, 20eu/s etc) but have them require more EU/s ( i think the ones now take a bit under 1EU/s on full power) so i guess they could take like 10k EU per day rather than 5K
    rambling a bit now,
    the layout for making these improved lights would be exaclty the same just with glowstone replacing glass? or one bit of glass replaced with a glowstone block, since glowstone is now easier to get in servers :)
    yeah so just an idea :D
    along with this on a very small note i was thinking would it be at all possible to make a block like an MFE that has for input on the sides, and output top and bottom, just you set it with an EC manipulator so that the bottom output has a %of the power coming out, and the top has a different % of the power out, this would allow for kind of parrallel circuits where you could have a main energy ring with lots of lights split off it, that doesnt take as much room as it needs to atm :) not sure if its neccesary :P
    opinions are appreciated :D

    i dont think theres any way to have it so a switch is flipped when a MFE reaches full charge, only thing i could suggest is have a lever wired to a switch block that fully seperates all your power input from your machines into a mass fabricator, so that whenever ur not using your machines, flip the switch to route all power to a mass fabricator, or leave it so that you charge your MFE storage.
    only thing i can think of :)

    the wiki is fine to read :/
    and personally i prefer it if the wiki doesnt have all the possibilities of what you can do, i think its better to try figure it out and work out things by your lonesome :P
    then its your work not just you placing blocks in a pattern someone else made up :D even if theres no way to prove you havent looked at how other people do it :)
    ofc if your really stuck theres plenty of things on other sites to look at how to do things :)
    industrialcraft ftw :D hehheh

    update, made a quick test on a separate minecraft game, different laptop, fresh version of minecraft etc,
    and it has the same problem, heres a screenshot -…2a6a7ef414060afb7b66g.jpg

    pretty sure theres nothing wrong with construction, but its take about 5 minutes to charge an MFE to about 600eu lol, gets about 5 eu per 3 seconds or so, thats actually 5 eu, not 5 eu per tick :P
    cant figure out whats wrong with it

    i dont know if this should be in support or bugs because it might just be me being stupid,
    but i have a watermill farm of 54 water mills, all linked together, they are laid out like this -…a6ddf6734e39b1ffb7c6g.jpg…d79aa0dda968ce7caf06g.jpg…198b431c1eb1834796d6g.jpg

    sorry about using links like this, im not sure how to put photos onto a forum :/ new lol
    and yeah im getting less than 1 EU/s out of this, before the latest update i was getting 16EU/s which is correct,
    so im assuming something has changed that has stopped it working, am i unaware of something that was meant to change that has affected this or is it a bug?
    help is appreciated :)

    if anyone sets up that sort of thing, with multiple HV lines could we possibly get a picture? :D
    ill continue trying to work it out on a small scale for now :)
    also for anyone else newish reading this i find MF really useful for absorbing excess power, for instance on my server we have a group of about 40 solar panels powering a
    machinery room, and since thats way more power than is needed constantly, you can just split the cable off an MFE or MFSU and have 32eu/s to machinery and the other 32 to a MF, so im not wasting any energy whatsoever, i also have the MFSU redstoned so we have a constant supply for batteries etc :) hope that gives someone some help or an idea lol