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    That's why I only rely on Solar Power until I can make a Nuclear Reactor(see above where I taught my system how to make Nuclear Reactors, it was pretty boss). You're set on energy after that. :P

    I took a break from playing this world, and tried FTB insanity. In my incredible genius, I overwrote my old configs, so now I'm playing a new world. Haven't really gotten far yet, surviving on slow IC2 basic machines. I installed Thaumcraft 2 on this world as well. I plan on using EE more, but still not a ton, just want to have some of the fun rings and stuff that I messed around in FTB a lot with.

    Also, I hope to use more forestry on this world. :D

    Since you can't edit in pictures, I hope this isn't considered spamming. Sorry for double posting.

    Recent things that I've done in my world:

    1. Instead of listing all the things I can Auto-Craft now, I'm just going to screenshot my crafting list from LP. Yes, I can Auto-Craft Reactor Chambers, come at me bro :P
    2. Added some Reactor Chambers to my Reactor(this was way before I could auto-craft them though). Now using an 80 EU/t Reactor from the Nuclear Reactor thread.
    3. I've upgraded all but these two Electric Engines to Advanced Machines. These two are used for Cobble -> Stone -> Stone Wafers, so they aren't exactly heavily used.
    4. Forestry Melon Farm, in a snow biome. Going to have to move it. Horrible placement. >_<
    5. This is another basement, where I'm placing more Auto-Crafters. Piping system behind it is a workaround to get Water Cells with a deployer. I had to throw a few buckets in and use the Water Bucket + Empty Cell -> Water Cell recipe, which is sort of annoying because it might stop working and have to be manually reset. Satellite pipe in the center of the 3 Crafting Tables to make Water Cells, Integrated Heat Disperser, and Reactor Chambers.

    Image limit is five, so the only other thing that have happened are I have Quantum Boots and Leggings(woot!). That's it for now, probably going to make a second Mk.2 Reactor soon, now that I can Auto-Craft Reactor Chambers. I need to add RE Batteries and Furnace to my crafters so I can auto-craft Generators.

    Have a good day, night, afternoon, morning, evening, or whenever it is you read this post :)

    Oh, that sounds like fun! Then I could install railcraft and make a sweet track :)

    I think I'll do that, but first, some updates:

    1. First on is some expansions to my Auto-Crafting system

    • As said in the last post, Assorted Materials -> Mixed Metal Ingots -> Advanced Alloys(compressor, front,far right)
    • 3 Copper + 1 Tin -> Four Bronze
    • 8 Refined Iron -> Machine Block
    • Coal -> Coal Dust(rotary macerator in the back) -> Raw Carbon Fibre -> Raw Carbon Mesh -> Carbon Plate(Compressor in back)
    • 2 Advanced Alloy + 2 Carbon Plates + Machine Block -> Advanced Machine Block

    2. Rotary Macerator(Coal Dust) and Compressor(Carbon Plates) added to other side of the line
    3. Quick Display Panel to check if my 2 MFSUs are full(first light) then my three reactors(only the first one is built, the other two are going to have to wait on some glowstone, what I might do is build an EE Compressor and throw a crafting pipe to 6 redstone = 1 glowstone, I might start getting more involved with EE fuel types, as well as bags and klein stars, as my mine starts getting to big to feasibly use)
    4. Using the first Mk. 1 Reactor in Rick's thread. Hoping to make a CASUC in the future, when I can blow loads of Lapis(amazingly, this is one of the things I'm most starved for when it comes to upgrading IC stuff, it kinda sucks :P )

    That's all for today, I probably will install Rail Craft and make a huge area for it(I need to expand my base downwards anyways) so I can start mass producing Coal Coke and Creosote Oil, then track down a desert.

    Just because I thought this would be fun to do, here's an update on my Not-so-evil 'Lair' of automation.

    1. Changes to my line of machines(literally :D ) The scrap is now routed into an iron chest, because I was getting way too much scrap(due to getting a Quarry) and it was falling out of my Mass Fab, so now I just manually run the Mass Fab, but that's okay because I have 512 EU/t going into it now instead of 128 EU/t so I run it four times as fast.
    2. Some Auto-Crafting Tables, which allow me to Auto-Craft:

    • Wood -> Planks
    • Planks -> Sticks
    • Sticks -> Wooden Gear
    • Wooden Gear -> Stone Gear -> Iron Gear -> Gold Gear(not enough uses for diamond gears to wast 4 diamonds and an auto-crafting pipe)
    • Planks -> Crafting Table
    • Crafting Table + Wooden Gears -> Auto-Crafting Table
    • Copper + Rubber(auto-crafted from an extractor on the line) -> Copper Cables
    • Refined Iron(from Electric Furnace on the line) + Redstone + Copper Cables -> Electronic Circuit(everybody gets tired of making them, including me!)
    • Sand + Apatite -> Fertilizer
    • Apatite + Dirt -> Humus

    3. Electric Engines(nearly free power, with these and all my machines combined I still have a surplus of power coming in) powering my Quarry or Tree Farm
    4. Double MFSUs! 20,000,000 Power Storage + an Electrolyzer(I already built it, why let it set in a chest?)
    5. And my Forestry Tree Farm! I can't wait to get more Forestry stuff. I'll probably do bees since they are such a long term project, I did them in the version he first revamped them and added the Beealyzer in.

    Can't wait to update this again(it's surprisingly fun) and as before, any comments, criticisms, or suggestions are welcome. :)

    EDIT: Little update, got my first piece of Iridium Plate,though I produced enough UU-Matter to make one yesterday, but I had to use some to make Cactus(can't find a desert biome in my world for the life of me) and some for Obsidian,which I needed for Obsidian Sticks, I'm going to be making a display panel sometime soon to help em keep track of my Energy, and I'll probably use it to keep track of a Mark 1 Reactor(or three) in the future. I also added 2 Auto-Crafting Tables(Forestry Bronze Recipe, 3 Copper Bars + 1 Tin Bar = 4 Bronze) and Recipe for Mixed Metal Ingots, as well as a Crafting Pipe onto a Compressor to Auto-Craft Advanced Alloys, I'll probably add an extra Macerator and Compressor onto the line to make Carbon Plates. :)

    Yeah, another thread about another person on the internet that plays BC, IC, RP, EE(mainly for the beginning game tools, not the super overpowered stuff, nor transmutation), and made a workshop.

    Actually, I'm pretty proud of what I've set up for myself. Using logistics pipes and polymorphic modules in combination with others(the need for iron nearly rivals Industrial Craft) I set up this(based on DireWolf20s LP, but modified for UU Matter production).

    In order:

    1. Sorter/Auto-Macerating-Smelter
    2. Chest/Crafting Room
    3. Power Supply
    4. How I kept fed during all of this

    Any comments, criticisms(within reason), or suggestions are welcomed!

    I started to read through this a little bit, got tired of reading complaint posts. So I went to the pastebin and downloaded it to *whateverthedefaultnameis*.csv, then I double clicked it and OpenOffice imported it fine, no errors at all. I did use optimal column width to make sure everything had enough space though.

    I was looking at the Canning Machine and Fuel Cans on the wiki, and it didn't really document much on how much you get from the two kinds of Fuel Cans. So I made a test world and checked how much various types of fuels give you.

    Fuel Cans filled with BioFuel cells give you 26040 EU when used in a Generator(this information is on the wiki, although it doesn't say it's specific to BioFuel Fuel Cans)

    Fuel Cans filled with CoalFuel Cells give you 76440 EU when used in a Generator(NOT on the wiki)

    1 Coal/Charcoal give you 4000 EU in a generator(common knowledge)

    64 Sugar Cane will give you 7680 EU when used in a Generator(much less efficient than taking 48 of them and making one BioFuel Fuel Can)

    64 Cactus will give you the same amount as 64 Sugar Cane

    1 Wooden Plank gives you 750 EU

    1 Wood(tree block) gives you 750 EU

    For Equivalent Exchange users:

    Mobius Fuel gives you 64000 EU in a Generator

    Alchemical Coal gives you 16000 EU in a Generator

    Thanks for your time, and I hope that it helps.