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    Ya that would be amazing. Or even just allowing you to add the upgrades to it. I agree that a tiered generator would probably be the most logical way to go and would love that ! Thanks for listening to me guys and hearing me out. I have been having this issue for awhile now after I started exploring the Fluid reactors. The only other thing I would love to see added into the mod would be pipes for steam and coolant. That would be sick and I wouldnt have to depend on other mods to fix this. Also if you wish to see my EU issue I can get you on my server.

    So with the new IC2 fluid reactors I have input about 2400 KU to the first kinetic generator. Which makes it generate around 598 EU/t. The max output of the kinetic generator is 512 so what happens is that my generator is building its buffer up until its maxed and then at that point im assuming im losing around 80eu/t. I can take screen shots if needed.

    So my question is. Why can you generate more then 512eu/t with the kinetic generator but it cant output more then 512eu/t ? Could this be something I could modify or is there an option in the config? Please let me know I would love to get this changed.

    For anyone who is unaware the majority of the heat vents do not work in a fluid reactor.

    You can only use: Heat vents, Reactor Heat Vents, Advanced Heat Vents, and the Component Heat Vents. Unless its different in the other versions as of version 2.2.810 only those cooling components can be used inside of the fluid reactor. The components even say that they can only be used in a eu reactor when you stick them inside of a fluid reactor.

    This is my build getting a solid and consistent 816hu/t. This provides a 600eu/t output.