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    In build 5.09.27 Recipes that should be using chlorine don't.

    Only recipe I found (using NEI recipe finder thingy) that uses Chlorine with Build 5.09.27 is Epichlorohydrin.

    Titanium Tetrachloride only uses Rutile Dust (TiO2) and Carbon Dust and outputs Ashes and Titanium Tetrachloride

    If this was fixed in 5.09.28pre, I guess I can try it but I don't really like using dev/preview builds on my main worlds as things may change that break old saves.

    I dunno if this has been fixed in the recent version (as I can't test the update while I'm away from home) but Version has issues with Harder Peaceful, crashing the game when I try to eat or drink gregtech food or drink items. it seems to be an issue with Harder Peaceful not liking something in this modified version of gregtech but works fine with the official gregtech 5 for MC 1.7.10

    If needed I can post a log and/or crash log if that will help.

    Ok so I was happy to see that IC2 finally updated to Minecraft 1.2.3 but my happiness didnt last when I kept getting crashes with just Industrial Craft installed.

    I have Modloader , SDK Modloader MP, and Minecraft Forge (Used Recommended build), and Industrial Craft 2 v1.8.1 in the "mods" folder.

    I have nothing else other then the above installed and it crashes everytime I try to load up minecraft, it crashes after hanging on the Majong screen.

    Any idea whats going on here? I really want to get an Industrial Craft Server going.

    Name: Vines and wheat for Bio-Fuel

    Although 1.8 isn't officially out yet, when IC2 is updated for 1.8 how about adding vines to the list of plant matter that can be used to craft bio-fuel, as well as adding wheat to the list since in real life they can make bio-fuel from grains and corn

    Plant ball

    V = Vines

    V V V
    V - V
    V V V

    W = Wheat

    W W W
    W - W
    W W W

    - C -
    R M E
    - C -

    Yeah, that's what I did o.o Copper Cable, uncharged Energy Crystal...

    Does that mean you made one with a charged or uncharged?

    Im just using single player commands to give me a energy crystal (its red like redstone but I dunno how to tell if its uncharged)

    Also I find the crystal charger recipe is broken

    I've looked on the wiki and through the new IC2 recipes text but I cant figure out how to make a HV transformer since I dont know whats suppose to go into the middle

    the Recipe text file just says E (E = 1.4)
    the wiki shows nothing but 32px and appers to link to the MV transformer page.

    dunno where else to put this but I wanted to clarify something. Can I use blocks of water around the reactor it self to cool down the reactor (like the old reactor in IC1)

    And if I can do that is there anything i need to do to set up a Mark 1 or Mark 2 reactor to get passive cooling from blocks of water around the reactor?

    I like the realism this brings but I dont wanna rush into making a power plant and have a huge meltdown

    Spelling errors aside, I'd love to see this implemented into the game.

    it doesn't make sense that you can play around uranium ores, play with uranium, and play around active nuclear reactors and not get killed by extream radiation exposure. There have been many times when I dived into my water filled containment shields to check and resupply my reactors and though about how I should be dead from having 5 - 20 reactors pumping radiation into the water.

    Also, I'd like to see this implemented into nukes too, so that when they explode the area would be covered in radiation for a short time until it dies off (making it die down quick would help reduce coding and lag since it might be hard to replicate years to decades of fallout)

    Solar heating unit for geothermal generator

    My idea is to use solar power to produce enough heat to provide power to a adjacent geothermal generator.

    Basically the sun would heat up oil inside the unit and this oil would be used to provide heat to the geothermal generator since it uses heat to produce power.

    In real life large scale solar power plants use highly reflective mirrors to concentrate the suns energy into one big tower or pipes carring oil to produce enough heat to turn water into steam. These mirrors can heat up the oil above 400*C which is hot enough to produce steam for power generation.

    The recipe for the solar heating unit follows
    G = Glass
    F = Fuel Oil (only oil in the game with IC)
    R = Refined Iron
    A = Advanced Alloy (I think that using it as a highly reflective mirror would be another one of its advanced applications)

    G G G
    A F A
    R A R

    Advanced Nuclear Reactor Water Cooling

    In IC1 you had to keep nuclear reactors under water to keep them from exploding\melting down.

    I don't know yet if IC2 reactors can be cooled by water (so far all I've seen is they need to be cooled with heat sinks and cooling units). So I was thinking to allow for even greater nuclear reactor capacities, nuclear reactors can be placed in water (so long as heat sinks are included in the reactor) to cool a reactor full of cores.

    Not only would this allow for slightly more realistic nuclear power plants (to power your mechanized civilization), but it would also allow nuclear reactors to generate way more power.

    Optional : I was also thinking that if this where implemented then maybe nuclear reactors could also heat up water around it, the hotter it gets the higher the chance of a melt down, and it would also hurt the player when it gets too hot. To show how hot water is bubbles could be generated in water that's being heated by reactors and the hotter it gets the more the water bubbles until it reaches its boiling point. Another way would be to add a thermometer into the game to tell you how hot the water is.

    Keeping water circulating would help keep the reactors and cooling water cool, maybe once the hot water reaches outside (so not inside a roofed building) would help cool it off (which would allow people to be creative and build cooling towers) or circulate with a water source like a lake or ocean.

    In order for high capacity nuclear reactors to stay cool they would need to be put surrounded by more and more water.
    Perhaps one layer of water per core in the reactor

    1 Core

    2 Cores

    3 Cores