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    In build 5.09.27 Recipes that should be using chlorine don't.

    Only recipe I found (using NEI recipe finder thingy) that uses Chlorine with Build 5.09.27 is Epichlorohydrin.

    Titanium Tetrachloride only uses Rutile Dust (TiO2) and Carbon Dust and outputs Ashes and Titanium Tetrachloride

    If this was fixed in 5.09.28pre, I guess I can try it but I don't really like using dev/preview builds on my main worlds as things may change that break old saves.

    I dunno if this has been fixed in the recent version (as I can't test the update while I'm away from home) but Version has issues with Harder Peaceful, crashing the game when I try to eat or drink gregtech food or drink items. it seems to be an issue with Harder Peaceful not liking something in this modified version of gregtech but works fine with the official gregtech 5 for MC 1.7.10

    If needed I can post a log and/or crash log if that will help.

    Forgive me if I'm just stupid or not seeing something here.

    I downloaded Gretech_1.7.10-6.00.29 and loaded it up into minecraft, and was amazed with all the materials and metals and what not...

    But I quickly found out.... or couldn't find, things like machines, wires, electrical stuff, etc.

    I mainly downloaded this for the steam and so I could get to bronze easier then in Industrial Craft 2 but I dont see that either...

    Am I doing something wrong or has the new version of GregTech not added machines and such yet?

    I just think its silly that I have to convert back to IC2 enet to work with incompatible stuff.

    I'm checking out Gregtech with Galacticraft v3 (for MC 1.7.10), and its machines and generators dont work with the gregtech enet. Its one thing to convert GT enet to IC2 enet to power IC2 enet machines, but what about the other way around? What if I have a IC2 enet only generator (like the galacticraft solar panel) and want to power a GT machine? So far its not going to work.

    Having to convert back with machines or blocks makes for a bit more complexity so now I have to take up more space to convert back to IC2 enet. Sometimes in houses and space stations it can get very cramped.

    Maybe it'd be better if IC2 where to convert to Voltage and Amperage like the GT Enet. While IC2 current enet is simpler, I'll admit I do prefer volts/amps

    Until incompatibilities are completely ironed out (no conversions or niggles), I dunno if I'll be able to update to MC 1.7.10 and newer.

    So what am I suppose to do about the change in electricity generation? I'm finding it to be a hassel when using it with IC2 and Galacticraft machines.

    I like to make mod packs with IC2, Gregtech, RailCraft, Galacticraft and TrainCraft. Galacticraft and TrainCraft both use IC2 electricity, and thus will not work with the new GregTect E-net.

    I think it would have been better to modify the IC2 enet rather then create a whole new enet. Multiple incompatible power networks make for complex and frustrating set ups.

    At least make some configuration setting that allows for compatibility with IC2 enet, OR remake all the machine from IC2 if your going to branch GregTech off from IC2.

    Without IC2 and Gregtech, minecraft looses much of its appeal to me, so not having Gregtech would kill it for me. I dunno if I'll be able to handle upgrading from Gregtech 4.0 to GT 5

    EDIT : Not to mention my sister, friends and my self rely on gregtech and ic2 for the machines, generators and gregtech products and challenge.

    Copypasted for later use.

    Did you ever load the world without GT at any point? I made a mistake like that on my server once; server startup does not warn you about mismatched IDs. That will kill all GT blocks in chunks that loaded. Check out MidasGold's world patching function if you're just changing IDs outright, and always make a backup.

    Never have I loaded the world without Gregtech, not even during the ID Change while I was trying to fix my steam furnace/smelter problem. ANd normally I'm successful when it comes to changing IDs with a working world. This is the first time I've had things disappear.

    You must have andromeda sized titanim balls, building a city and changing the ID's without making a backup. Duke Nukem must be afraid of your manlyness.

    I've changed item ID's before with a working world, and never had a problem. My steam work shop remained, every machine and pipe remained, even though I moved their ID's from the 40's range to the 20's range (eg. what ever 4044 was is now 2044).

    I may be part scottish, and 100% canadian but im not that manly :P

    Ok so I have 397 installed, but I dunno how that will help seeing as this is a Gregtech machine and recipe.

    EDIT : Ok, Shenma ta ma de!!! I know I had brick blocks before playing in survival, but now that I try out the furnace recipe, it works!!!!

    I'd shoot my self if guns where legal in Canada, most guns arent now.....

    Gimme the list of your mods. If it isn't GT's fault, which is often (not to say always) the case, you're using another mod which somehow overwrites the furnace or the plates. Or you gave yourself the 2 bricks, which aren't actually bricks but "slabs", which is mostly the same block but if you break it you'll get 2 bricks slabs (NEI shows the usual brick slab and it's "block" version, which is 2 bricks slabs forming one block, and you may have try them to craft the smelter).
    If it's still not the case, I have no idea.

    Heres a list of mods I have. I did use normal brick blocks, I went and mind the friggen clay for it and made the bricks my self. I don't like to spawn things unless I really truely have to... I don't want to cheat.

    ALthough I made my own modpack, I made sure that there was no ID conflicts, or any other problems before I installed Gregtech. Normally when another block over rides another mods blocks, they're replaced all together. If this was a conflict either minecraft wouldn't state, or the steam furnace or steam smelter wouldn't appear at all.

    I bet you use an IC2 Wrench and not a GT one.

    Nope, I tried other wrenches, iron, steel, etc, still doesnt work. Gregtech kind of over rides other compatible mods to either A) Replace the item all together or B) if you get another mods items, it seems to have a script to turn say, Galacticraft or Traincraft tin or copper into Gregtech tin or copper ingots.

    ANyways, I tried other hulls (iron, aluminium, etc), other wrenches, even tried an electric wrench, still nothing.... So not only can I not make a steam furnace, I can't make a steam smelter either, both recipes aren't working. :(

    So I'm kind of new to Gregtech, I'm using what ever version is on the first post download for Minecraft 1.6.4 (As of March 22 2014). Re : That is Gregtech for Minecraft 1.6.4 (With Forge

    So I tried to craft a steam furnace so I could make a smelter, I place all the items extactly as the Feed the Beast Wiki or NEI plugin Shows for the recipe, but even though both sources say the same thing, I'm still not getting anything

    I did take a picture of my crafting screen at a crafting bench. I was at least able to make a coal boiler, and a grinder. I don't have any mods that interfere with Gregtech or IC2, and nothing shows up on MC launcher dev logs, or the gregtech logs, or any warnings for that matter.

    I hope someone knows whats going on, I don't like using NEI to cheat a furnace in.... after I installed gregtech I stopped cheating in minecraft (using creative and spawning items) and actually vowed to play in survival to advance through each tier... but how can I if I can't even craft a single steam/bronze furnace?

    EDIT : I would seem I can't craft a Steam Smelter either.... what the c***! Why is this happening to me after a night of drinking!?

    Ok so I was happy to see that IC2 finally updated to Minecraft 1.2.3 but my happiness didnt last when I kept getting crashes with just Industrial Craft installed.

    I have Modloader , SDK Modloader MP, and Minecraft Forge (Used Recommended build), and Industrial Craft 2 v1.8.1 in the "mods" folder.

    I have nothing else other then the above installed and it crashes everytime I try to load up minecraft, it crashes after hanging on the Majong screen.

    Any idea whats going on here? I really want to get an Industrial Craft Server going.

    Name: Vines and wheat for Bio-Fuel

    Although 1.8 isn't officially out yet, when IC2 is updated for 1.8 how about adding vines to the list of plant matter that can be used to craft bio-fuel, as well as adding wheat to the list since in real life they can make bio-fuel from grains and corn

    Plant ball

    V = Vines

    V V V
    V - V
    V V V

    W = Wheat

    W W W
    W - W
    W W W

    - C -
    R M E
    - C -

    Yeah, that's what I did o.o Copper Cable, uncharged Energy Crystal...

    Does that mean you made one with a charged or uncharged?

    Im just using single player commands to give me a energy crystal (its red like redstone but I dunno how to tell if its uncharged)

    Also I find the crystal charger recipe is broken

    I've looked on the wiki and through the new IC2 recipes text but I cant figure out how to make a HV transformer since I dont know whats suppose to go into the middle

    the Recipe text file just says E (E = 1.4)
    the wiki shows nothing but 32px and appers to link to the MV transformer page.