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    I could not agree with this any better. And I really am liking the idea of starting formal with it. I mean, it is about high time that we get a better wiki section that will work like a good repository of information everything and anything related to the topics.

    I mean, it would be good to have it in forum style but there are those topics you just have to post with article types.

    Starting with BC is no real biggie here as there are a lot of videos on youtube you can just take hold of. In any case, you might want to read on release notes, though nothing you can benefit from there when you are just starting with it.

    The community is pretty active here and I am sure that you will be getting responses when you get to post questions in no time.

    I use Lili myself and am very happy with it. And it really is a lot easy once you have started with it and made sure that it will boot up every single time. I was actually looking at some virtual one to run in parallel with windows though the amount of resources that will be available is just not an option if you ask me. You really have to boot it up from the flash disk to hold great speed.

    it sure is intriguing. This is just another of those games that are really enjoyable when you get to play it with multiple players in it. I mean, it is good enough to be played with a single player and all the more fun when you have a lot of other people charging caves with you. It is also great that you get to build bigger projects as a group because you can take hold of more resources.