[General] Multiplayer advices for newbies

  • Hi everybody.

    I just recently came to minecraft,so I don't know much about multiplaying part

    May somebody give me a short FAQ why to play and how to play online, how to get some fun and some simple example/s
    (or at least,a link)

  • It's just like playing single player, but with multiple people .. !!!

    'tis good fun with more than one, charging through caves in a group, and building a giant project together. Team work!

  • If you are really a newbie, i suggest playing singleplayer a little. When you get more familiar with basics (recipes, farming, getting resources), it will be easier for you to fit in. If you are thinking about playing with friends from the beginning, i see no problem with that.
    As a complete newbie, you may give some people hard time helping you with everything. Almost everything if not everything can be found at www.minecraftwiki.net.
    Enjoy awesome game.

  • Hmm i would say, start watching Let's Play's and reading the Wiki alongside. And just Play.

    Also a little tip of mine. Don't sit on the peaceful mode. start trying atleast the easy one. :)

    Also if you want to get information about IC2 and RP and all these mods. -> Let's Play's <- (espacially Direwolf20's :PP)

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  • it sure is intriguing. This is just another of those games that are really enjoyable when you get to play it with multiple players in it. I mean, it is good enough to be played with a single player and all the more fun when you have a lot of other people charging caves with you. It is also great that you get to build bigger projects as a group because you can take hold of more resources.

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    Quick guide on stuff you should never do on SMP, given it usually gets you banned:
    -"Griefing" : Stealing or just removing blocks from someones building/house. Laying fire to forests or spamming TNT across the countryside is usually considered griefing, too.
    -Killing other players, of course this doesnt apply on PvP, by any means. Most servers have direct damage disabled (you cant punch them), but placing lava inside of them isnt fun.
    -Stealing ressources, from chests or drops of dead players.
    -Begging for ressources/food all over the time
    -Using other peoples Energy-Networks (IC only)
    -Placing terraformers causing malforming of nearby buildings and stuff (IC only)

    In question, always ask someone first, at best an admin or op (op = Operator, kinda like a Moderator, elected by server owners).