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    You have a good start. You need to try to improve a few things, though:

    • Mic sound is a bit too low, still.
    • Video quality is lacking, but I feel that is a youtube issue, and not you. You probably need to record in a different format to fix it.
    • Keep getting better at production: editing, flow, entertainment quality, personality. You have what it takes, I can see it.

    Otherwise you got something good going here.

    thanks and I switched the type of file i uploaded it at towards the end of season 1 so it should be better, and Ill try increasing the sound on my vids, also

    Brethern I dont know toomuch about regular reactors lol let alone breeders =/ but when i get to that stage i could try looking into it

    The more water that is touching them, the better. This means that if you stack them directly on top of each other, you won't have the most power output you can. If you're going to keep a wire connected to it, the max output you can get is 25 per generator. Generators can share water blocks, so space them out by one to get the most efficiency.

    dus it matter about still water or running water?

    So I have recently started to record my own videos, (quality on the first two videos isnt that great, though I fix it as of episode 3, and will fix the first two when I get a chance) I am uploading up to about episode 6 or so today because I fell behind due to an issue with youtube processing. I am new to commentating and stutter over my words alot (I really do mean alot lol). So I would appreciate some feedback/advice. You do not have to subscribe if you do not want to but some advice would be nice :)

    Link to my channel:


    If you don't mind lame efficiency of 2.0 and 0-chambers, here's your choice:…XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    Making an array of 4 is cheaper than one 6-chamber with all those HD's (and it will output 80eu/t instead of 60). Downside - you will be only getting 16M per cycle and 8 uranium cells, while MK-II will give you 12K from 4 uranium cells.

    I have all 6 chambers already made lol

    And with the reactor designs, How long would I have to wait between each euranium (excuse spelling) "round" lol

    Im hooking up the nuke to my mass fab directly, howmuch eu per uranium cell is of no importance to me, safety would be nice though lol since its only encased in one row of refined stone (all 6 sides) but it is liteally right next to the mass fab, my auto geothermal generation station is right under it and my farm next to it. So Explosions are NOT welcome lol

    I looked through the posts here so far and couldnt find what I was looking for, though I probably overlooked it.

    I would be greatful if somebody could tell me the best design for a 6chamber reactor that can run through a full cycle of uranium and not explode, the cooling time and resources are not really a problem. (already made a room out of reinforced stone, surrounded reactor with water aswell. Thanks :)