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    IRL you can't send energy through a Glass Fibre Cable. I know, this a minor thing, and has been discussed yarious times but it annoys me. So why not rename it to something else, like "Piezoelectric Cable".
    Since it is crafted with a Diamond and Piezoelectricity occures on Crystals i think, this would be a better Name.

    Have you disabled the config file or just in Minecraft?

    You habe to disable the IC2 sounds separately ind the "IC2.cfg", located in the ".minecraft\config" folder.
    To do so find the line "soundsEnabled=true" and change it to "soundsEnabled=false"

    This should turn the sounds off, at least is works for me.

    Are you playing in single or multiplayer?
    Because I have exactly the same problem on SMP, while it works great in SSP. In fact everyone on the server seems to have this problem, so this might be a bug.

    The Item repair recipe from vanilla Minecraft works also IC² Items that use electricity. This means you can "repair" e.g. two partially depletet Diamond Drill into one full Diamond Drill, effectively wasting the second Drill. This does also work for other things, like Energy Crystals. While this is a nice feature for "regular" tools, i think this is not intended for Tools that relay on electricity. Maybe it is just not diasabled jet.

    There is also a bug with the recipe for the CF-Pack. You can only craft it, using CF-Sprayers that do not have a visible damage-bar, like when they are taken from the Creative inventory.
    It is also possible to fill CF-Sprayers without using CF-Pellets by just "repairing" them.