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    For the Rocket Science Drill (Engineer's Drill? Rocket Scientist's Drill?), I think this should suffice.
    I think maybe Java could do the modelly textures. I have absolutely no grasp at all on any sort of model textures and would probably just end up painting it solid yellow.
    I did a sort of TF2 scrap metall-y type texture for the "Mechanism". It's more "Unrecognizable lump of scrap" Than mechanism, but at least it looks kinda mechanism-y... In all fairness, I made it from with a very wide zoom, so it looks better from far away...
    Also, I tried my hand at an item texture for the Spacesuit Helmet. It turned out quite well.
    EDIT: Just realized that the drill was the one I used before and consequently oversized. oh well.

    OK, so here's an idea:
    THE PARACHUTE PACK! Cheaply crafted with wool, leather, string and an IC2 Backpack©, the parachute pack does cheaply what the electric jetpack semi-does! Using the mode switch key in midair opens a parachute, a giant entity blossoming over the player's head and slowing them to a grinding halt! The parachute can be closed by hitting the mode switch key a second time, closing the parachute! This is, however, not recommended. THe parachute is NOT dropped, the Backpack© remains on the player, and the pack is reused in the recipe all over again.
    The purpose would of course be to assist players who wanted to, maybe, jump from heights. Also, if using Flan's Mod and your plane breaks... PARAPACK TO THE RESCUE!
    The applications are endless; BASE jumping, Paratroopers, Emergency use parachutes, Impromptu fall damage preventer, a cheap alternative to half of the electric jetpack...

    It's been so soon since the last reactor update, and reactors are already fairly underpowered as they are. In general, all reactor suggestions have been
    Until further notice.

    I like that you like my suggestion. Also, Albalka plays RA2? And Gap Generators are from RA1, now freeware.
    But still, Thanks for all the support! I really would be quite chuffed to see this implemented into IC2. And uses of a Gap Generator aren't just limited to PvP. It can be used as an effective way to stop people bombing your home on a Flan's Mod anarchy server. Which, By the way, there aren't enough of. Tesla coils are cool.

    Invisibility Machine.
    People familiar with the early C&C game, Red Alert (1) will know what I mean. The Gap Generator creates a small invisibility field around it, making buildings and units invisible to the enemy.
    Minecraft Gap Generators would come in three sizes;
    - Stationary
    Block based Gap Generators, these gain effectiveness with height and needs to be placed on a magnetizer to function correctly. Stationary Gap Generators need a short "warm-up" period to accelerate the prongs on the end. Gap Generators require a constant 36 Eu/T current applied to the magnetizer to function, and will cloak buildings and entities in a 3x3 chunk radius. This is possible by doing the following:
    - To cloak buildings, the Gap Generator would make it appear as if the affected chunks were newly generated terrain. The Generator runs the world seed for the affected chunks and places down invisible/intangible blocks to indicate the presence of an Invisibility Gap and that there's something in there. So for example, if there was, say, a wall on the outskirts of the Gap Field, invisible blocks would be placed to indicate that it existed. People affected by the Gap Generator literally do not exit to those outside of the field; the server literally sends that the blocks there are what they should be, i.e ungenerated terrain. Entities affected by the cloaking field are also bound to similar rules; the too do not "exist" for your client. Entering the Gap Field allows you to see the actual Gap Field itself, along with edited terrain. To prevent lag, the Generator cloaks by seeing which blocks have to be updated; First, the game checks to see which blocks did not exist prior to editing the chunk. Then, it simply chooses random blocks to update, giving a rather nice effect and preventing lag. Then, entities appear. Exiting and entering the Gap Field works in a similar manner. The range of the Stationary Gap Generator can be changed with a Frequency Transmitter, first clicking the Generator itself and then clicking on the Generator's requested cloaking radius up to a maximum of 3x3 chunks. The radius (in blocks) determines how much power the Gap Generator uses, with each additional block of radius requiring an additional 1 Eu/T. The Gap Generator needs a Redstone current to function.
    - Mounted
    - Mounted Gap Generators do not cloak blocks. They are Gap Generators fitted within Minecarts and, while the field is much, much smaller, they do not require power to function. However, their crafting requires that they be fitted with several fully charged lapotron crystals that cannot be reclaimed. Breaking the Mounted Gap Generator drops the Mounted Gap Generator, as not to waste lapotron crystals. The field has a radius of 5 blocks, allowing covert, cloaked trains transporting possibly highly expensive cargo. The Mounted Gap Generator can be pushed off of the rails, and is fitted with handles for easy pushing. It automatically scales 1 block high walls, and can be right-clicked on with an empty hand to pull or push it around. your move speed will be drastically decreased, and hunger consumption will be very, very high. If Railcraft is installed, then the Mounted Gap Generator would require power, but would need 1 lapotron crystal and 1 magnetizer, as well as the Gap Generator itself, to be made. The Mounted Gap Generator would have the same storage as that of a lapotron crystal, and consume 5 Eu/T while active. To toggle activity, simply right-click with a Wrench.
    - Handheld
    - The Handheld Gap Generator is an expensive personal cloaking device, with similar properties to the Mounted Gap Generator. However, it requires the user to have it in his or her hand. While being held, the Handheld Gap Generator consumes 5 Eu/T and makes yourself 100% invisible, no strings attached. It has the storage of a lapotron crystal and can be recharged off of a Lappack/Batpack/GraviChestPlate.

    This isn't Tech IV technology, it is tech III technology. Notice how there is no lower-tech equivalent. The Gap Generator(s) is/are on par with the Quantum Suit. This is simply another idea for a quantum-level machine, of which we currently have none. I hope you seriously consider my idea.

    There actaully is a mod that adds floodlights that use an intangible lit block system and illuminates a large area. It also includes an IC2 compatability block, the electric floodlight, which accepts IC2 power. This really hould be in vanilla IC2. Additionally, Factorization Wrathlamps perform a similar funtion. And you're telling me that long-range light is impossible? Luminators as of now are 100% USELESS. We need them to have more use. I SUPPORT THIS SUGGESTION.

    "How are you? Because I'm a POTATO."
    -PotatOS, Portal 2

    I approve of this. even if it has little actual use, potato batteries are too good a chance to miss. and what happened to HAYO? We need this NOW!

    [accent=amish] Now, now, go easy on the fellow. He plays Tekkit; I'm sure he has no idea what he's on about. *pats on head* ain't that right, Jimothy? [/accent]
    You people give Tekkit a bad name. That and the fact it's illegal.

    You sure can! There probably needs to be a bit in the rules section of this bit to say that "if you want to make a translation... blah blah balh... feel free and go ahead." I actually came to Britain from China, so I totally understand that you want to help others who wish to play this mod understand it a bit better. But anyway, this probably belongs in the addons/pending addons section. OH MISTER ADMIIIIINNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG

    The temp bar would just really hover over over the other bars of breath and armour. It would simply work to be a HUD addition.
    And you're forgetting: RichardG hangs round with LexManos all the time. He could probably weasel him into adding any hook necessary, and there aren't a lot of still unimplemented hooks needed for many of the things MatLaPatate was talking about.
    Let's see...
    Health regen? potion effect. Burst into flames? Easily done. Slowing down? Heck, if the IC2 team can make quantumsuits, they can probably make slowing down.
    And sprinting, well, bring that into the equation, sprinting = additional heat + ignore thermal armour. (icon = burning armour icon? Up to the devs)
    and, sinnaj; what do you mean? Many of the things I mentioned would require very little BasFiMod. (New acronym for BASeFIleMODification.